Giantess Turkey Revenge

An explanation for this collage does not exist.
An explanation for this collage does not exist.

Except it does.

The above was my entry for a image contest titled “Holiday Giantess” that took place two years ago.

Yes, of course I’m joking.

But it is what I imagined back in 2006 is what happens when you give a turkey costume to a giantess that also happens to be an animal rights activist.

Why would I create such an image, you ask? I’m not sure. Mostly to amuse myself, and also because two years ago I was served tofurkey at a house I visited during Thanksgiving, and was told it was delicious before I had a taste. It isn’t delicious, and it has nothing to do with the collage above, so I’m going to stop trying to explain it.

Well, no, I’ll try again, mostly because I’m still trying to understand it myself. Here I am, with this hobby, this little past-the-time activity of creating collages as beautiful as I can possibly make them, and then I feel compelled to come up with this abomination.

For a moment it might have been a protest about those vegetarians and that horrible tofurkey, but I have nothing against being vegetarian. In fact, I was a vegetarian for an entire year myself, and loved every minute of it until a visit to Disney World threw me off the bandwagon, but that’s a story for no other time. My point is that tofurkey is just a foul, terrible thing to do to me.

But as I was saying, I got to thinking what it would be like if a giantess that was also vegetarian was invited to a Thanksgiving Day parade, and she decided it was time to make a statement about the birds she so dearly loves alive, and she was also deeply insane. Ya know, the kind of mad that destroys while saying it wants to create? The kind that prefers animals to people?

So this otherwise lovely and beautiful (you can’t see her gorgeous looks because she’s wearing that stupid costume) giantess goes on a rampage, and while she roasts herself a city, she asks the population, “How do you like it? Not nice to get crispy and juicy and melt-in-the-mouth delicious, is it now? Uh? Uh?”

But then she takes a break from all the killing, and gets hungry, and has a taste of roasted building, and starts getting into vore.

Ever seen a vegetarian fall off the wagon? It’s not pretty.

The end.

…is what I would say if this entry was over, but I do have something else to write. I’m going to be cutting back on the blogging here for a few weeks, not only because of the holidays, but also because I’m going to be knee deep in real life work. I’ll still post an entry here and there, but it’s not going to be a daily affair.

Also, I’m running out of my own collages, so the timing is perfect.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

7 thoughts on “Giantess Turkey Revenge

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  1. Words fail me.

    On an unrelated note, about time you took some time off! You were putting me to shame, updating every day and all that.

    Wait… I take it back. Please continue sending more daily updates if you can all manage it.


  2. LOL! Well, words failed me too.

    Yes, about time I slow down, but for all the sweet time you take with your blog entries, you still get a gazillion visitors. :D

    That’s a complete defiance of the laws of bloggage. Apparently your fans refuse to understand the concept of “updating often with quality posts equals an increasing number of blog visitors”. Shocking! Naughty fans!

    I still have a few entries from my old blog I can recycle, so I’ll add those here and there.

    Thank you trinket! I’ve only been celebrating the American Thanksgiving a little over half my life, but I’m kinda fond of it now.


  3. Firstly When i saw article,i supposed that this entry’ll be about my country:)because i’m from turkey and i’m a turk but i understood.It’s about animal turkey:)actually my country’s real name’s not turkey,it’s real name’s türkiye but i guess.turkey’s english’s fabricating for to roast us.i guess,if a giantess was vegetarian,she do same thing like your writing because vegetarians are really insane for my opinion to be vegetarian very absurd because vegetarians says animals are alive like humans and because of that, we don’t have to eat animals.we have to eat only vegetable but they never don’t take account that all vegetables are alive like humans and animals and in reality if you don’t wanna eat any alive thing,you have to eat nothing


    1. Yours is a beautiful country. It’s on my list of places to visit, truth be told.

      Sadly, it is true that some vegetarians that lean towards the militant side do express an alarming tendency to prefer animals to humans… all extremes are harmful, and I’m not particularly fond of those people that have no respect for the life of smaller creatures.

      Nor do I think very highly of those that claim we must recognize the right vegetables have to lead a full life, and that any fruit harvested before it falls off its branch has been murdered. :roll:


  4. Is Türkiye on your list to visit,that’s very good.I’m living in İstanbul and especially you should see İstanbul.İstanbul Bosphorus is fantastic and you have to see Sultan Ahmet Mosque,Hagia Sophia,Grand Bazaar and especially Topkapı Palace.You can find everything about history in here for example Prophet Mohammed and Prophet jesus and all Prophet’s personal objects for ex.their swords,beards,clothes e.t.c and you can visit İstanbul Archeology Museum,you can find everything about prehistory civilizations in there.Our other cities are also beautyfull and historical actually Türkiye’s most historical country in this world.


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