Monsters vs. Aliens

Last night I popped Kung Fu Panda into my DVD player, and of course trailers precede the movie, and there I was, sitting quietly getting ready to watch something fun, getting into the holiday season, plotting delicious things to cook the following evening, and WAMMO-KABLAM-SHAZAM-SKADOOSHHHH I see a trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens.

Actually, the trailer was well underway before the whole wammo / kablam / shazam bit began, but as all of you that have TVs and go to the theaters know, there’s a giantess in this animated feature. I had not heard of this movie at all with the exception of one mention at MattyBoy’s Lotsa ‘Splainin’ many months ago, and since I’m not into giantesses I was all, “Meh”.

But no, no meh. True, giantesses don’t do anything for me, unless I imagine I’m that giantess. Reading about the film did nothing for me, but watching the trailer did.

Those that think women are not visual creatures, I have two words for them. They begin with fuck, and end with you.

I’d say something far less rude to those people right now, but I gots pies to bake, and I’m feeling punchy. And.. well, he-heh… it wasn’t exactly the vision of that white-haired giantess that got me all inspired, but it’s the idea of being a protective giantess I’m crazy about. I’m so into it I’ve had dreams about it. Really good dreams.

Truly really very GOOD dreams.

That could be me except for the hair and body and animatedness.
That could be me except for the hair and face and body and animosity from pugnacious soldiers that have no idea what I could do to their twig-like bodies.

So it isn’t that it’s a movie for kids. It has nothing to do with the pixels of an animated giantess. It’s the other stuff that’s in my head that starts screaming, “Hey, there’s a reminder of us for ya!” when I see her.

Got pies to bake. I’m off like a dirty shirt!

P.S. Man, taking photos of my TV with my camera makes me feel like I’m making a mixed tape off radio station music. I have no fancy way of capturing film and moving it to my Mac… but that’s OK with me.

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  1. Hi Disthron! It’s nice to see you here after all this time. I still remember how cool and funny (well, the zombies were hilarious) your movies were.

    Yes, I saw it, and sometime before the year is out I’ll post a little review. :)


  2. Hi, sorry I took so long to respond.

    I’m glad you liked the movie, it was the first thing I bought on blue ray, for what that is worth. I didn’t think anyone still remembered my Bad-Day movies. XD

    Anyway, I’m working on a game that I think you might enjoy, though it won’t be out for quite a while. I’m working on two other games with Garry Pranzo from Giantess Zone. It’s in the planning stage and I have to focus on those for now.

    I also made a Monsters vs Aliens fan game, you can see a video of it here.

    And if you are interested you can download it here.

    I’d love to get your opinion on it.


    1. Hi Disthron,

      (Hahah, I also want to say “Dishtron” from time to time.)

      I’ve been wanting to get the movie for months now, but I haven’t shopped for DVDs in a long time. It will certainly be one of the ones I purchase when I go shopping. I have a hard time believing plenty of people don’t remember your Bad Day movies. They are awesome and funny!

      I look forward to seeing what Gary and you churn out. I watched the YouTube video about your game and it’s wonderful! My favorite part is when she rescues the little people. I’d love to play it, but when I went to download it I saw it was an exe file, and my Mac doesn’t know what to do with those.

      But it looks like so much fun! The rescuing of little people, the kicking of giant robots (which is also something I would love to do in real life :lol:), and skating on buses. You sure did a fantastic job. I can’t begin to think how long it must have taken you, but I bet it was a blast to create.


      1. Oh, your a Mac user? Dose the Mac have a Java run-time (can you use Java programs)?

        I’ll have to take some things out but I could compile it to a Java .jar file if you wont me to.


  3. Yes, always have been, probably always will be primarily a Mac user. I use PCs here and there, but I have a natural inclination for the Mac OS.

    Yes, Macs can run .jar files, but my Mac still runs OX 10.3.9, which means I’m still running Java 1.4.2. If you ever release a game version I can run, I will certainly download it faster than a giantess can slap a robot! :)


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