Happy New Year's Eve!

Where I live everyone is quiet as a mouse come the stroke of midnight. People go to sleep early, and there are no parties breaking the still of night. I grew up accustomed to staying up well after the new year had begun, watching the male grownups in my family get drunk, and the female... Continue Reading →

The Cookie Thief

There are a few movies I could watch over and over again, and never get tired of them. The Secret Garden is one of them, and it always makes me cry. I can't help it, and there's nothing I can do about it. When the end comes, my cheeks are always wet with tears. When... Continue Reading →

Bcuz SMs can LOLZ 2

"Bsydz, She lef me in charch dis tiem." "Meow." "No u cant teik me, ai haz mor street smartz dan u!" "Meow!" "U don haz de gutz!" "Meoowww." "We not openin de dor for dogees an das final! Dey lookz oafuly suspeeshus 2 me. * * * P.S. The above captions and dialogue are not... Continue Reading →

A very merry Christmas Day to you!

Giantess.com closed its doors over a year ago, and every once in a while I still catch myself thinking about the place. It happens a bit more often now that I'm reposting entries and old collages, and not so much with new material. Life always goes on, but I still think it was the coolest... Continue Reading →

Christmas Angels

This was my seventeenth collage, but only the second that offered me the chance to work on changing the focus of its elements' gaze. In other words, I wanted the mega angels to look at planet Earth, and not at the stupid camera. This was also an image I created for an Earth-from-space theme of... Continue Reading →

PetitPlat by Stéphanie Kilgast

Saturday afternoon I was poking around at Flickr, looking for backgrounds as I do from time to time when I act as though I don't have hundreds of unfinished collages to work on before I continue accumulating material... when I found this adorable image. PetitPlat is the miniature work of Stéphanie Kilgast, tiny foodstuffs, dollhouse... Continue Reading →

Nap Toy

I'm republishing this entry from my old blog. Back then it was titled "Maximum Big Hundredth Collage Celebration Time!" in the fashion of those wacky Japanese show names, because the above collage was my hundredth one... unless I count my first signature, technically a collage although not a fancy one with people in it, unless... Continue Reading →

Feeling It

The texture of nylons and silk stockings, etc., has always felt nice to me, which is probably why I like the article and all its contrivances. From the very first time I discovered them in my mother's closet and tried them on I thought they were interesting. It naturally follows that the little man that... Continue Reading →


Earlier this afternoon I was in the kitchen, standing over the stove as I prepared my excellent turkey cheeseburgers, and as I shaped patties and placed them in the hot pan, I started thinking about this stuff. I was thinking, What if there was this woman, and there was this man she really liked, and... Continue Reading →

Little Husband

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! I collaged this for a Valentine's Day image contest at Giantess.com, along with a couple other images. I'd edit and change a lot of things about it now, but who has the time for that. This was my first half-sized-man collage, the kind I wasn't a big... Continue Reading →

10 things I hate about them

The above trash is something I put together to illustrate my ten points. It's meant to look terrible, and it doesn't look much different from some of the things I've seen out there that try to pass for collages, but it's far better than the worst I've witnessed. Here's some itemized vitriol aimed at those... Continue Reading →

Black Fishnets

I like the pantyhose universe, and all it has to offer. I understand some people think the opposite, but we are going to do our best to avoid mentioning those people. We'll just look at them funny at parties, talk behind their backs, and put hot sauce in their punch as we discuss the wonders... Continue Reading →

Two Couples

I found the original image while looking at unrelated search results, and I instantly thought of shrinking the men. It took only minutes to do so, and even less to bring the woman on the left closer to the right. I like that the tiny men are walking between the women, framed and protected by... Continue Reading →

Flickr cloning and a joke

I was scanning through some fickr images when I stumbled upon this image by Jeff the Trojan... ...and the joke that follows it. I hadn't heard it before and obviously I think the image is adorable despite the shadow work, so there's a paste. Incidentally, it adds to the joke that the creator of the... Continue Reading →


Believe it or not, there are people out there in the world that don't know about Lolcats. I think most of us that are owned by cats or are close to someone that is had by a cat are familiar with this Internet source of humor that involves pictures of cats (or other animals) and... Continue Reading →

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