Its a very good idea to watch him hard at work.
It’s a very good idea to watch him hard at work.

There are things that hit us harder than others when we fantasize about people of vastly different sizes. With my mind’s eye I can see the way he moves from all the way up here, whether that “up here” is as tall as a building, or my regular 5’6″ in height. I imagine he moves in my direction (any other path would be detrimental to his health), and the way he moves is a perfect ruler that measures his tiny size.

That action of watching him, of clinging with my gaze to that little hand stretching to gain purchase of higher ground, or his infinitesimal manly fingers as he weaves them through the fishnet material that covers my legs, of seeing him breaking the thinnest layer of sweat as he moves up; that knowledge that exists between us that tells him it’s useless to ask for my helping hand today, because this day I just want to watch; those shades of interaction were what inspired this collage.

On any other day I would scoop him up and bring him to my side, saving him the trouble of exerting himself by climbing all that distance, but this moment I want to see him conquer every inch, which to him might be a foot or a yard. The reward awaiting him will feel so much sweeter if he pays attention to my definition of earning it.

A beautiful thing about caring for such a tiny man is the ability to mold his days according to my moods, and knowing he cares enough to attempt to learn to read me. When I collage images like the above, I’m thinking of those times he quietly does what’s required of him, and the more slowly and deliberately he moves, the better it will be for him in the end.

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