Flash and Moon

Those are their names. Really.
Those are their names. Really.

And I don’t think you have to ask who’s Flash and who’s Moon. This is their story, also kind of a song.

Once there was this woman who

grew very tall one day and couldn’t fit inside her home any more

And when she finally came to terms with her new size

she left her town to see the world

* * *

Once there was this man who

got into an accident and started to shrink small

And when he finally saw he wouldn’t get any tinier

he left his home to see the world

* * *

And both woman and man were glad

’cause no one had it better than they had

* * *

‘Cause then there was this woman who

met this little man who understood the way she felt

And when she fell in tall love

he fell in love with her too

They couldn’t quite explain it

it was as though they’ve always felt that way

There really wasn’t a “scene” that went with this collage when I created it. I saved this Sandra Bullock image three years ago when I was looking for good ones of her to modify to suit my gigantic thoughts. This one wasn’t the best, or the clearest, but at that time it made me smile to imagine myself in her place, irreverent and mischievous as I flash an entire city (I think I envisioned some nice undies for myself, though), in response to their passing legislation against the usual state of undress in giantesses.

Your Tiny People rules don’t apply to us, you see. Our nude is belong to us.

Anyway, I forgot all about it until 2007, when while sifting through my collages-for-my-blog material, I spotted it again. I still had no little story to go with it, but some things I had read online on a board… some giantess board, its name I can’t possibly remember… about some members protesting collages because male “junk” was visible.

There’s a part of me that understands, but there’s another part of me that thinks, “I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed a female member protest the countless collages that involve female private parts, yet we do see some men protesting the visible male ones. What’s that about?” In the end, there are always going to be some people protesting something. Too much nudity, too little, not enough giantess action, too much intelligent dialogue, not beautiful enough, not girl-next-door enough, not enough points, too many threads, not enough- Ah, you get the point.

I’m more the type that keeps her trap shut and clicks on what she wants, or better yet, makes the sort of stuff she wants to click on while complaining about stuff on her blog.

Which brings me to this here collage. There’s that woman, you know her as the actress that she is, but for my collage she becomes an extension of me. She’s spirited, loving, possessive, thoughtful, often irreverent and definitely naughty. She prefers to expose her dirty thoughts to this one little guy that warms her heart, though. Not the whole town, or the world. Just that one Little Man that gets to look up and see all that she has to offer, the one that inspires her to grab that skirt hem and smile as she shows him the rest of his life.

Or the afternoon, at least. Little guys get tired so quickly. tsk tsk

Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm


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