Soft as Petals

But not for long.
But not for long.

It seems for the last few days I’ve been on a black-and-white, medium-to-small collage streak. It’s partly a coincidence, but collages with few colors are easier to work with, since there are no colors to match, and textures, if needed, are a few cheap Photoshop tricks away. I have about forty completed collages I haven’t shared yet (I thought I had less), and plenty of them are black and white.

A shrunken man only a few inches tall hardly weighs anything at all, and I’m sure a giantess would feel the same way about a regular sized man on her body. Not only that, but his skin is very soft too, more delicate than a baby’s, and certainly more fragile than the rose petals he’s carried with him all the way up to his beloved’s abdomen.

It isn’t that he’s helpless. On the contrary, he uses his infinitesimal size to every advantage, and that’s what inspired this collage. Yes. he’s very soft, but that’s not how he’s going to stay. That little foot moving in the right direction as he stretches his leg tells me he knows exactly what to do to show his gigantic lover that he’s more than enough man for the task at hand. Or at foot.

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