I Eat Cannibals

It’s barely the beginning of the afternoon, and the temperature is 37° Fahrenheit. The sky is cloudy and I can see my breath when I venture outside to toss out recyclables in their bin. Despite all these weather inclemencies, there’s a voice coming from the park in front of my house, the constant voice of an auctioneer chanting off bid after bid. Don’t ask me why there’s bidding going on in a park, when it’s so cold people should be at home eating warm doughnuts. It’s annoying.

But it doesn’t make me angry.

We all get angry sometimes. When that happens and the feeling is extreme, some of us have temporary thoughts of taking a bat to someone’s head, or kicking their shins, or punching their faces. Many of us can control those impulses, and the feeling passes rapidly. When I get very angry I often think of crushing the source of my bad mood, either with my hands, or under the sole of my foot.

After I’ve grown a couple of hundred feet, that is.

As I said, the feeling passes quickly, and it’s been long since I’ve attributed it to that part of my mind that likes to open up a release vent through imagination, and as crazy as those thoughts sound, I prefer them to that nasty schadenfreude, or any similar human nature frailties. I like thinking of myself as a giantess. That strong inclination naturally permeates other emotions from time to time.

What does the above have to do with the Toto Coelo video, “I Eat Cannibals”?

Nothing. I’m just sayin’. In my world of giantesses, anger equals crush, and funny equals vore. In its true definition, vore is an infinite source of amusement, and I can’t help but think of its funny ramifications every time I look at this video.

I can’t explain why it hits me that way, the thought of a giantess eating people. There’s nothing diverting about it. It’s no joke to see a colossal woman opening up a bus and tossing its screaming contents into her mouth. But even now the very idea makes me laugh out loud.

Make no mistake about it, the Toto Coelo women are singing about eating someone:

What can you do
You’re in a stew
Hot hot cook it up
I’m never gonna stop

All I wanna do
Make a meal of you
We are what we eat
You’re my kind of meat

Ah, if you could see my face, you would know that I’m smiling, even giggling. I don’t expect you to understand. It’s a private joke, the same as the tag line, “those crazy vore people”, since I’m one of them.

Soft vore? Completely hot.

Swallow - elestrial
"Swallow" by elestrial

5 thoughts on “I Eat Cannibals

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  1. your a good writer very colorful word use
    im curious what inspired you to share this
    but im curious by nature so i cant help but wonder what your “private joke” is …it leaves me in so much suspense! some how im intimidated
    to ask and by what it could be but i cant Resist
    i hope by me asking i dont end up being crushed in your unique imagination although i will admit i am one of those “crazy vore people” its what led me to your link. i hope you answer my question my e -mail again is call_me_crash@yahoo.com
    i dont see eny other comments?
    woo hoo im the first!


  2. Hi david,
    Thank you for the comment. What inspired me to share this here is the lyrics of the video I posted. I really don’t think the song has anything to do with size-different vore, or with cannibalism, but it’s nice to imagine it does, and even nicer to write that it does.

    The private joke can’t be explained in logical terms, except to say that we all find humor in whatever tickles our funny bone, and we can’t help what that happens to be. To me, hard vore is hilarious, and soft vore is sexy.

    And no, asking questions doesn’t get anyone crushed here. :lol:


  3. I wish you’d write a collage about unbirthing,you know,where a man is shrunken to the size of a baby ,or becomes a baby and is unbirthed .Then the umbilical chord attaches and keeps him alive in the womb and whenever the woman wishes she births him and unbirths him.That is the man is ‘babied’ by her and she is in total control of him.

    Coming to the collage here,vore is hot!!! you have a very very creative mind ,then with your talent for putting your thoughts into words ,i am hoping for some good long vore collage write up and this time please don’t restrict it to guys who are cannibals only. :)There are guys like us who dream of it too.


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