It’s Saturday, so that means…


Making beautiful music.
Making beautiful music.

One setting I’ve always been interested in collaging that I never saw in my early days exploring the boards and galleries was the musical one. I know there are plenty of shrinking and giantess fans that are also musicians, but for some reason, both interests never met via image manipulations.

Because I love music so much, the shrunken man in my fantasies has some skill in playing an instrument or two, and feels the way I do about most styles of music. I’ve always pictured a tiny piano in the dollhouse where my little guy sits and composes sweet tunes I can hear if I glue my hear to the wall of his music room, so when I found the background for this collage I knew I had to find a little man to insert in the nook of her legs, a tiny music man that would send her to heaven with the gentle plucking of his guitar’s strings.

Eventually, I found him. For all that I talk about eye contact, I kinda like the way she’s staring into space, as though in a trance induced by the beauty of the music he’s creating. I did have to change her eyes, as she was giving a hard, eyeliner-laden look at the camera in the original background.

And I’m selfishly happy to mention I have now seen other collagers delve into this very romantic sort of setting with their own images.

Enrique Granados – Danzas Españolas, Volume I, No. 2: “Oriental”

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