Believe it or not, there are people out there in the world that don’t know about Lolcats. I think most of us that are owned by cats or are close to someone that is had by a cat are familiar with this Internet source of humor that involves pictures of cats (or other animals) and captions in what passes for English as spelled by felines.

Another thing I’ve had on my mind for as long as I can remember is giantess greeting cards. I thought that idea was original, but soon after starting my exploration of the giantess community I found a few Cashia had created.

Early last year a man and a woman that were members of were having some temporary health issues. I can’t remember exactly what his were. Maybe some back pain or a cold, and hers was a bad headache. I couldn’t help myself, and I whipped up a couple of get-well ecards I sent to them posthaste. The idea behind his was the existence of a so-called “Health Giantess” that hunted down people that didn’t feel well, and forced them to feel better, or else.

funny pictures

For her ecard, shown below, there was a more standard message. I’d been thinking about creating Lolgiantess images for a long time now, and I was all set to do it when MattyBoy read my mind with his mind-reading machine that he keeps in his room beat me to the punch and posted Lolz images at his blog, thus consolidating a thunder theft of- well, gigantic proportions.

Make no mistake, faithful blog visitor. It was I that thought of it first, probably before anyone in the world ever thought of it, and I will continue to make that baseless claim until the end of time, and then afterwards, when there’s no more time and every one of us is running around like chickens with their heads cut off because our watches no longer serve any purpose.

I recently decided to wait no longer and start posting my lolz. I used the ecards I collaged last year for my first two. Some people despise the lolcats images because of the poor spelling, but I like them! They provide me with endless fun only understood by those of clearly superior intellect, or their cat owners.

And seriously, if a comely giantess is standing outside your house, peering through your window, and talking about tearing off your roof and doing all manner of things to you, are you really going to be paying attention to the way she spells out her threats arousing behavior?

funny pictures

The same goes for Headache Giantess. The sooner she feels better, the faster she can get back to doing things hitherto obstructed by headaches, such as hot giantess-and-man relations. I’d like to see a man tell such a giantess she may not have her way with him because she “can’t spell well”.

Were I a betting woman, I’d make all kinds of winning wagers he wouldn’t get to finish that sentence.

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  1. I Googled “lolz giantess”, and it’s just you and me for actual content, Undersquid. I will in all modesty say that I am dominating the dojo, and that will be the topic of my June post, if I can get the consent of the collage artist, an old friend of mine.


    1. That is true! There was a time you even dominated the “Undersquid” dojo, which again goes to show the Google gods are often drunk or asleep or using their engine for wild parties.


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