Flickr cloning and a joke

I was scanning through some fickr images when I stumbled upon this image by Jeff the Trojan

No arguing in front of little ones.
No arguing in front of little ones.

…and the joke that follows it. I hadn’t heard it before and obviously I think the image is adorable despite the shadow work, so there’s a paste. Incidentally, it adds to the joke that the creator of the image looks like Simon Pegg.

* * *

A guy named Joe walks into a bar, sits down, and sets a package on the floor by his feet. Noticing that music seems to be coming from the package, another man named Clyde sitting next to him asks him what’s in the box.

“You really don’t want to know,” says Joe.

“No, really, I’m interested. What is it?” replies Clyde.

Joe opens up the package and inside is a living, breathing, 12-inch-tall man sitting at a tiny piano, playing music. The tiny piano player smiles and nods to the other man as he continues playing music on the tiny piano.

“That’s amazing!” says Clyde. “How did you get that?!?!”

“You really don’t want to know,” Joe warns.

“No, I definitely want to know!” says Clyde.

“Okay,” replies Joe, “When I was out in the desert in the Middle East I found this bottle and when I rubbed it, a genie popped out. He said I had one wish, and when I made my wish I got this little guy.” As he recounts the story, he pulls the bottle out of the package.

Clyde excitedly tells Joe that he’d really like to have a chance to use the bottle. Joe warns Clyde that he really shouldn’t do it, but after a lot of pestering, he finally lets Clyde have the bottle.

Ecstatic, Clyde rubs the bottle and lo and behold, a genie pops out. “You have one wish! What would you like?” asks the genie in a strange voice indicating that he may be slightly hard of hearing.

“I want a million bucks!” says Clyde.

“Done!” says the genie, and with a puff of smoke, he is gone. Suddenly the skies around the bar are filled with ducks. The ducks circle the bar and whenever somebody opens the door, hundreds of them fly through and circle above Clyde.

“What is this?!?!” yells Clyde. “I didn’t wish for a million ducks!” Joe replies:

“Do you think I wished for a 12-inch pianist?”

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