Two Couples

You better walk faster, little ones.
You better walk faster, little ones.

I found the original image while looking at unrelated search results, and I instantly thought of shrinking the men. It took only minutes to do so, and even less to bring the woman on the left closer to the right. I like that the tiny men are walking between the women, framed and protected by their much taller bodies. I also like to imagine one woman telling her friend to slow down; that she’s walking too fast for her little mate.

In the original photo the men are walking ahead, and that’s not where they belong. Their place is behind the women, following them like the good, obedient men that they are. Of course they are treated with respect and love, but those feelings are mutual and they dictate that they follow where the comparatively gigantic women lead.

In a fantastic world where shrunken men exist, I imagine that those that love and keep them are friends, just the way we women make friends in the world of reality. It’s natural that those ladies get together, and that when they do, they bring their little ones along. Some people like to take that one step further and into the exchange of tiny ones for variety in bed, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

In my scenarios there’s a bit of whispered conversations, of boastfully comparing their tiny ones and what they can do, what they have been trained to do, all within their earshot. The women love to see their little ones blush furiously when gossip turns naughty, when those giggles and laughter that thunder about them come closer, and those giant feminine hands cover them, lift them and tug and pull and reveal, so that their owners can truly compare… or at least appear as though they will, stopping only when their little ones’ protests turn desperate. Maybe.

No, it’s not torture. It’s enhanced teasing technique.

Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out

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  1. Maybe it was an easy collage to do, but it is certainly a very effective one. This one, like Nap Toy, makes me think of my own world as well, especially in what you wrote.

    It’s not that dissimilar to what occurs in my world, women leading the way and men following meekly behind, and all that delightful naughtiness!


  2. Thank you, trinket. It was a fortuitous find for sure, and fun to edit to its final form.

    That sentence was brought to you by the letter “f”.

    I like to imagine women showing the way as their little men follow them under the protection of their great size… but every once in a while I also get to thinking of little men that like to rebel and try to rock the boat as they forget their little place and act as though they are larger than life. It’s fun to imagine the things that happen to them as consequences of that attitude.


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