Black Fishnets

Click on small image to see small pixel-free image.
Click on small image to see small pixel-free image.

I like the pantyhose universe, and all it has to offer. I understand some people think the opposite, but we are going to do our best to avoid mentioning those people. We’ll just look at them funny at parties, talk behind their backs, and put hot sauce in their punch as we discuss the wonders of silk, nylon, stockings, fishnets, clear or beige, Cuban-heel or back-seamed, and all those details involved in wrapping a woman’s legs in something that’s been designed to almost seem as though it’s not there, or to blatantly display its skin-tight qualities.

As to fishnet stockings, they’ve always seemed to be the best way a little man can climb the legs of his lady love without having to importune her and ask for a hand up. Not that it would bother me to give him a lift, but why miss out on a great opportunity to watch his vertical climb?

For this collage the shrunken man is a tad too large to insert his fingers through the netting’s weave and make his way up the curves of that huge leg, but he’s lifting his body on the balls of his feet, and he only reaches her knee. Calf hugs. They are great. It’s lovely to imagine a little man so floor bound he can’t even climb the height of chairs for people my size without serious help; so little a speck of a man that when he wants to be close the nearest part of me is the lower section of my leg.


The vignette style is not so heavenly, but I have to try everything in my Photoshop Elements at least once.

2 thoughts on “Black Fishnets

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  1. Oh, well… I don’t know. If you hear words like, “You’ll never see a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”, we may or may not be talking about those people.

    Or if we gather in clusters and whisper, “Those people scare easily, but they will return soon, and in greater numbers”as we prepare to spill salt in your punch.

    In truth, you will never get the looks at parties, as we’ll be too busy staring at your shiny collaging medals, and your entourage’s clamor for more collages will drown out any nylon-related talk. :D


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