10 things I hate about them


The above trash is something I put together to illustrate my ten points. It’s meant to look terrible, and it doesn’t look much different from some of the things I’ve seen out there that try to pass for collages, but it’s far better than the worst I’ve witnessed.

Here’s some itemized vitriol aimed at those people, those collagers that are clearly not you. I’m just talking to you about them behind their back.

  • I deeply dislike seeing a collage where the shrunken man’s outline has pixels leftover from his earlier background. It destroys the illusion of the collage just as effectively as a kick in the nards. Why? Why bother? If those people were here (which they are not), I’d say to them, “Stop defecating your material into the giantess community, divorce yourself from the lifesaver that you seem to believe the magic wand tool is, and learn to collage.
  • I loathe seeing collage layers that have not been blended properly. Even after getting rid of all initial background, there are still going to be some leftover rough spots, and the Blur tool helps a lot in editing those away.
  • Drop shadows used inappropriately. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen a giantess out in town, strolling the streets, but oddly surrounded by a dark aura, as though the background behind her is a vertical surface that follows her everywhere.
  • The same can be said of drop shadows created as a separate layer, but used to simply create a shadow, without taking care that it has anything to do with the ones already existing in the background image. A giant shadow that doesn’t match the building or mountain’s shadows around it looks terrible.
  • Following the above two points comes a scowl directed at those collagers that refuse to match shadow intensity between layers. The background in the above image has shadows that aren’t quite as stark or as contrasting as the shadows present on the shrunken man’s body. It ain’t that complicated to soften that contrast and create a gradation on his skin that makes it seem as though he really is resting next to that giant sandal’s thong. Wow… typing that just gave me a yummy feeling. But back to the hatred!
  • I spit in the general direction of collagers that ignore skin tones. I’m not talking about ethnicities. It would be stupid to try to make a black giantess lighter, or a shrunken man darker just for the sake of matching skin tones. I’m talking about consistency of color range. If there’s a lot of blue or red or green on an element’s skin, it’s easy to tell if another element—no matter ethnicity—has the same or different over / undertones. The same goes for textures and grain.
  • I don’t really get angry at this (in fact, I hardly get angry at anything I’m discussing here… I’m using the word “hatred” facetiously), but it kinda looks funny to see a beautiful giantess with a man that’s… well, not beautiful. It hurts the illusion a bit, because I’m not thinking the guy is ugly, or fat, or just wrong for the collage. I’m thinking that collager didn’t spend the same time looking for a nice-looking tiny man as he spent searching for the right giantess. Women look at those images too, ya know? All three of us. And just to make sure I’m being clear, I’m not referring to those collagers that use themselves as image elements. They are awesome and brave and breathtakingly beautiful. As long as they blend and do shadows and stuff.
  • I growl when those collagers then upload their pieces of garbage on which they only spent five minutes to a giantess board. I want to be very clear about this. There are many beginning collagers that do that and accept feedback and actually learn as they acquire experience, and I’m not talking about those guys. It’s the ones that have been doing this for some time, often years, and still excrete their “work”, and then they expect positive feedback because they lowered themselves to providing us with images to look at.
  • And then they react negatively when they are told they suck, or threaten to leave the community if no one expounds on how much they rock, etc. Babies.
  • Hmm. I’m out of points. So… OK, I hereby talk smack about the people that like Grape-Nuts. :D

On the other side of the coin I know we are only talking about collages, and terrible collages aren’t the harbingers of doom, and who cares, and all that jazz. We are only a blip in the Internet world, and in a hundred years no one will remember that way back then there was a bunch of men and women that lifted pictures off the Internet (or took them themselves) and used them to create images of people that don’t exist.

They’ll be too busy fighting Microsoft Hate Bots.


Even if someone does remember a century from now, that’s not what I care about. I do care about the story I can tell you right now, and about trying to tell it right.

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  1. Nine years later, this is still a concern. On the plus side, 3D-modeling software has improved by leaps and bounds and the expanding talent pool of creators shows no sign of abating. You put your finger on the most necessary attribute: the ability to accept (and give) constructive criticism.

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    1. It has, and it’s interesting to me that even though the communication of an idea has been rendered much simpler because of software, there are still going to be artists that excel at it, and others that have the same exact tools, but produce mediocre work. I begin to feel nitpicky to point out the obvious, and as always, if I want something done a certain way, I’ll find ways to do it myself… which is why I downloaded Daz and Poser.


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