Little Husband

It’s Saturday, so that means…


Or giantess wife.
Or giantess wife.

I collaged this for a Valentine’s Day image contest at, along with a couple other images. I’d edit and change a lot of things about it now, but who has the time for that.

This was my first half-sized-man collage, the kind I wasn’t a big fan back then (February 2007), but because of their poses and angles which I had no idea how to change back then, I had to size the shrunken man as he is.

That, and I only had so much torso to work with. Making him smaller would have meant losing the square-ness of the image. Now I think half-sized men are just as perfect as men of any other tiny size.

2 thoughts on “Little Husband

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  1. I really like your collage. The half sized man is one I don’t see many images of like this, so it’s pretty interesting. I like the song that you picked for it also.


  2. Thank you Emma! Looking at Theth and trinket999 collages created an enjoyment of that half size in me, because I initially wanted to collage much smaller men only. They bring to life such romantic scenarios, it was impossible to avoid seeing the appeal of that size.

    The song lyrics are a bit on the brooding side, but that’s something I love about Depeche Mode.


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