Feeling It

Feeling It
It feels lovely.

The texture of nylons and silk stockings, etc., has always felt nice to me, which is probably why I like the article and all its contrivances. From the very first time I discovered them in my mother’s closet and tried them on I thought they were interesting.

It naturally follows that the little man that lives in my imagination is also fond of them. In our world, we take that enjoyment to a whole different level.

In other news I would like to report that yesterday here at my blog, referrals or web addresses that have a link to my blog and included the word “small man” outnumbered those for “giantess” by seven clicks. Not much to speak of, but that hardly ever happens! Giantess referrals and searches and websites and all that always outnumber shrunken man ones to an exorbitant degree. But not yesterday. Hurray!

Have a nice week.

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