Nap Toy

Perfect for cuddling and playtime.
Perfect for cuddling and playtime.

I’m republishing this entry from my old blog. Back then it was titled “Maximum Big Hundredth Collage Celebration Time!” in the fashion of those wacky Japanese show names, because the above collage was my hundredth one… unless I count my first signature, technically a collage although not a fancy one with people in it, unless I count the little, infinitesimal man that was pushing the V closer to the S.

I reedited the collage to fix his arm and give him a lollipop. Little guys need to exercise their tongues if they know what’s good for them.

* * *

I received my latest Archaeology magazine issue a couple of days ago, and in it there’s this interesting snippet about a fifteen-foot-high statue of Hadrian (a Roman emperor for something like 21 years, and guess what his connection is with the Wall) being unearthed, albeit in pieces. The head, a section of his leg, and a foot have been found, and what amazes me is the beautifully carved work on them.

The foot measures over 30 inches in length, and when I read about it my mind took off on a sideline of its own, as it often does, and showed me a statue of myself, gigantic, my feet carved from polished stone to measure much more than a mere thirty inches, and found thousands of years from now, along with manuscripts (CD ROMS, hard drives, etc.) that would detail my wonderful work in improving the world, or a couple of countries, or at the very least, my family.

I don’t really think I’ll get my statue, and that’s fine, because I don’t truly want it as much as I want to actually leave something meaningful behind, the sort of better that is intangible to the rest of the world (although it is said that we are all connected, and I believe that), and invisible to all but a few precious to me.

How does collaging giant women and tiny men enter into that picture? Well, in no way. I understand there’s a part of human nature that wants to work and produce valuable things, and I also know there’s the part that wants to play and be idle and watch Project Runway, the two tend to conflict every once in a while, and right now I feel a bit of a tug from each side as I stare at my hundredth collage, the one I’ve posted above.

The images I create might not last a thousand years, or even a hundred. I’ll be dead in a few decades (no less than six, I hope), and by then the Internet focus on giantesses (and shrunken men, dammit!) will be unimaginably different, so I’ll just quietly enjoy this moment connected to a number that many other collagers have long since surpassed, and drink a cup of coffee to my mouse-clicking health.

More later on what the collage actually means to me. Gotta run now.


My neighbor got married recently. I was very surprised, because I was sure he was gay. Marriage isn’t an assurance of sexuality, but after all this time of seeing relatively attractive men leave his home at the wee hours of the afternoon, I though wedding bells were not in the repertoire for him. But then he up and shows up with an imported wife that doesn’t seem to speak English, one that some mean, heartless people (not me, never me) might say is too young, too pretty for him.

And one that was in the company of a shirtless young man in her house, a man that isn’t my neighbor, who wasn’t at home at that moment. It’s entirely possible that nothing is happening. That man could be her brother, or a priest whose robes are e-stinkee[/Nacho Libre] and in the wash, or her daughter’s boyfriend who just happened to sleep over, or a eunuch guard. In any case, whatever is going on over there is none of my business.

And it certainly has nothing to do with this blog entry, but I do wonder if they are sleeping well at night, if this none of my business thing is really going on. A guilty conscious makes for restless nights (or it should), and how can he slumber peacefully if he’s sniffing out someone else’s pheromones on her skin? I’ve read a few times that when cheating, women are better liars. I don’t know if that’s true, but I bet a person knows, somewhere deep inside, when there are shenanigans taking place.

And that still has nothing to do with this collage, except for the sleep thing. I love images of giantesses and their tiny men that relate to sleeping, resting, napping, and particularly of watching him sleep. I have a whole folder of material I want to collage someday that relates to the theme, and this is just one of those images.

It’s enchanting to imagine a man and his much taller companion, together in that state of trust and openness that is to close their eyes and let the mind drift, a state that is multiplied many times when the man is tiny to her, and the very breath he takes depends on his colossal keeper, his safety, his heart is entrusted to her, and to her reluctance to spend any time with other, shirtless men.

His bed is her hand, or whatever she gives him. It could be her own bed, a toy in a dollhouse, a shoe box (or even better, a shoe), a pile of undies, anything. No matter his size, she still envelops his space with arms and legs, with the wall of her body, with the breeze of her rhythmic breath, and the way she guards his sleep.

I know how wonderful it it to be with someone in real life that cares about one’s rest, that watches over your health, mental and physical, and I know how it feels to protect those in another human being, so I can’t help but allow some of those feelings and circumstances to leak into my fantasies.

In them, my Little Guy sleeps like an angel in the place I provide for him, and after the nights I let him sleep, he wakes up to the prodding of my fingertip on the side of his body, or to my lips as they cover the entirety of his body, or to my singing (which sounds something like a musical storm to his infinitesimal ears), or other alarm clocks I devise only for him.

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  1. This collage made me go rummage around the house for a lollipop of my own. As usual, top notch work on shadows and light. I also like how what you wrote ties into my own mirror-glass world:

    “Little guys need to exercise their tongues if they know what’s good for them.”

    Yes, that is sooo true in my world. Lollipops are a thriving industry.


  2. I followed back to this entry as a Related Stories kinda thing. Suddenly I started getting that menu option. But anyway, your collage is fantastic: I am so enamored of affectionate giantess/tiny situations, just a little man resting on a woman’s belly or, size reliant, her cheekbone. And they’re just sleeping or being quiet together, each of them focusing on the other at their points of contact. I have such affection for these quiet, tender scenes. I’m really not into… stuff I won’t even mention, so as not to ruin the mood in my heart right now.

    But as this was written nearly eight complete years ago, I’d like to ask you how you feel the online size fetish community has changed, directly relative to when this entry was written. What empires have risen and fallen? What ventures have flourished and distilled?


    1. I saw those links for “related stories” last night, and the only way some of those are related is that they are in the same blog.

      Thank you! I remember I had quite a bit of fun working on it. It took me forever to get certain things right. The things we do for free, simply because we love, right? And I can’t believe it will be nine years since I created it.

      I wrote this entry for my defunct blog at, a place I visited every day, where the members had wonderful conversations about giantesses, shrunken men, and everything in between. It was a great place, and great people. There’s no place like it anymore, and there probably never will be. Oz, the owner/developer of the place, sure worked hard to make it what it was.

      Of course he shut the place down before I ever had the chance to get skulled*, but he’ll have to take that guilt to his grave.

      *Or banned. Getting banned at GDC mean a person had to indulge in a certain amount of tomfoolery, which was always fun to watch, especially when their avatar of choice was finally replaced by a skull. Or was it a tombstone? I can’t believe I’ve forgotten!

      That was one empire that rose and fell by owner.

      Another change I miss is that one of collages. I remember Theth, and the amazing quality of his work. And Gcode! He doesn’t produce anything anymore. The same goes for the wondrous trinket999 and TheShrinkee. There are others, of course, but those guys were my favorite collagers, as the images they created often reflected what was in my head. Now I visit Giantess City, and works of that category are almost nonexistent. Most of what I see is either slapped together with spit and sh*t, or very well done, but not my cup of tea.


      1. I totally missed out on the legacy of prior GTS communities. I’m sorry to hear about’s demise. I’m not sure what I was doing around 2000… I know I had my own GeoCities site, I think, called “Tall Girls Rock”, where I collected my own stories and linked to other writers and collage artists. But there were forums where I talked with and even met other people, I just don’t remember which they were. I must’ve been on a very early iteration of GiantessCity at some point but I barely remember it. When I went there recently to start an account, I discovered a very old account in my name was waiting for me.

        However, I haven’t heard anything nice about GC in the present day. I understand there were groups there adamantly opposed to SizeCon happening at all, it’s become a contentious place. That’s really unfortunate: the scene is so… fringe… we really can’t afford to alienate each other. But that’s what’s happening in our own nation, isn’t it. So much for escapism.

        The collagers I remember from back in the day were Stephanie Evans (you can find her Tripod site now, but it comes with hostile software) and ZoOlP. Those were the names I saw over and over again. I tried to do some myself but just didn’t have the technical training for it.


        1. I might have stumbled upon your GeoCities site once upon a time. It sounds familiar. And yes, I remember when Giantess City was “Mystic Crunk’s forum”. I’m surprised to hear that someone, anyone would be opposed to an idea (or fact) such as SizeCon. What could possibly be held against it?

          I remember Stephanie Evans’ work. It was already old school when I first joined forums. And when *I* joined people kept droning on and on about “the golden age” of giantess, describing it as a defunct period, back in 2004. Weirdos. :)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ugh… that is a universal trend in any group, people moaning about how things used to be… As far as people balking at the idea of a giantess convention, I dunno, I think some people just like to complain. Saying things like how it was just meant to exploit the fans or something nonsensical. It was created by the fans for other fans, so one has to question the real motives behind speaking up against it.


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