PetitPlat by Stéphanie Kilgast

Little Food
Just the right size for a little guy…

Saturday afternoon I was poking around at Flickr, looking for backgrounds as I do from time to time when I act as though I don’t have hundreds of unfinished collages to work on before I continue accumulating material… when I found this adorable image.

So tiny
So tiny!

PetitPlat is the miniature work of Stéphanie Kilgast, tiny foodstuffs, dollhouse accouterments, jewelry, all representing things on a very small scale, and perfectly adorable. Upon seeing the image I instantly thought of this collage by Gcode, one of the best shrunken-man images in the history of ever.

11-Aren't You Lucky by Gcode
“11-Aren’t You Lucky” by Gcode

If you look at Ms. Kilgast’s gallery you will find photos of little dolls arranged together with the play food in a little kitchen or a tiny table, but I prefer to imagine a shrunken man that sleeps in the nude and wakes up to a delicious morning meal served in a bitty tray and brought to his doll-sized bed by the woman that owns him, keeps him and feeds him.

He’s lucky indeed.

2 thoughts on “PetitPlat by Stéphanie Kilgast

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  1. When you first told me of this and described how small these collections were, well I couldn’t wait to see your post and the link you provided. These are incredibly as you said, adorable. All these little foods look so real! The banana in particular, the pear, the peach or maybe it’s an apple…look just so edible! The waffles, the sandwiches, the doughnuts…even the cute little newspaper, all of it so small, so tiny! The size comparison is just lovely.

    I remember when you first showed me and told me of Gcode’s collage “Aren’t You Lucky” and it’s easy for me to understand how you thought of it so quickly having seen Ms Kilgast’s collection. And because I AM so biased, I’ll say how wonderful, how romantic and lovely a story all of this tells.

    Mmhmm, I AM very very lucky!

    Your little squid


  2. Thanks for the comment, little squid. There’s something about miniatures that tells me about that little world where people of a small size live and evolve into a society parallel to mine, but everything they use is fragile, minute, as tenuous as a whisper, and we clumsy giants must be very careful when we touch those tiny belongings, lest we turn them into useless mush, or splinters, or crumbs.

    To have access to the creativity of people that enjoy miniatures in their own unique way, even if only through the Internet, sure does something to the imagination, and it’s always good for a story in my head, the same as Gcode’s work.


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