Christmas Angels

I guess they have the hots for the North Pole.
I guess they have the hots for the North Pole.

This was my seventeenth collage, but only the second that offered me the chance to work on changing the focus of its elements’ gaze. In other words, I wanted the mega angels to look at planet Earth, and not at the stupid camera.

This was also an image I created for an Earth-from-space theme of the month at GDC, and it’s one of those few collages I’ve created that not only don’t include a shrunken male counterpart, but involves more than one giantess.

That means I didn’t have a certain kind of fun creating it, but it was good practice to see what worked when moving irises. It’s not enough just to slide them up or down, left or right, but the eyelids, the white surrounding them must be shifted as well, or I get “crazy” eyes, the sort that looks wild or surprised, destroying whatever expression I want to preserve or enhance for romantic collage purposes.

But what sort of romance can exist between a mega / ultra giantess and a planet, you ask? Some think none, but the idea of being thousands of miles tall works for me when the mood is right. That way Earth becomes My Planet, the “terrarium” that keeps my little speck of a man, where he gets to work or play, live and breathe, live in good health while I watch from above.

It’s a little bit of a goddess-mortal relationship, and it works very well for the Christmas season from the perspective of this collage. Peace on Earth is guaranteed when two supernatural beings watch over every corner of it, making sure no one starts a war just to gain control of oil resources, for example.

It tickled me to place a little North Pole spot of bright activity, and have that be what the angels are looking at. During Christmas time there is no more important place for women on Earth, because that’s where all the iPets are made, you see.

I can’t wait to get mine.

Have a happy Christmas Eve!

Jars Of Clay – Wonderful Christmastime

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