A very merry Christmas Day to you!

Is that a lump of coal or is he happy to see her
Is that a lump of coal or is he happy to see her?

Giantess.com closed its doors over a year ago, and every once in a while I still catch myself thinking about the place. It happens a bit more often now that I’m reposting entries and old collages, and not so much with new material. Life always goes on, but I still think it was the coolest giantess board I ever belonged to.

A couple of Christmases ago there was a collage contest there, and these two first images were entries. I think trinket999 won that contest with his insanely realistic images including one that showed a shrunken man with a red bow tied around his manhood. That one made me giggle.

Feliz Natal
Feliz Natal! (Merry Christmas in Portuguese.)

I didn’t expect my images to win, as a flashing Santa Claus is too facetious to convey the true spirit of Christmas, even though it’s all about sharing and giving and relatively colossal taking.

I had fun with the second image too, as it involved a tiny football (you know, the real one) team holding presents. The color scheme was interesting to me too, and it was good shadow practice. Only now I can see the mistakes and fruitless efforts, the things I would do differently now.

Naughty or nice He doesnt know which one is better.
Naughty or nice? He wonders which one is better.

This last image I intended to upload for what I erroneously predicted would be a 2007 Christmas image contest. I wasn’t very excited about it, and it’s one of those “I have these materials so I might as well use them” collages, but I do love the idea of a tiny man wearing a small Santa hat, and nothing else. That would be a precious thing to find under my tree upon waking up on Christmas morning.

I think I wrote something about that many years ago.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Not sure why I never frequented Giantess.com. Maybe I thought they required paid memberships or something. There were a bunch of sites that I wanted to explore but didn’t want to hand over information to, so I missed out. It sounds like I really missed out with this place.

    Your collages are fun and skillful. I thought the exhibitionist Santa was funny and well done. I like that he’s trying to be shocking and she’s just studying him with this sultry expression. He’s all, “Hey, I’m kooky! Here’s a funny little stunt!” And she’s all, “You’re mine regardless. Stand there like a statue, stick a Q-tip up your ass. You’re mine and I’m closing in.”

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    1. Nope. No paid memberships. Oz was very clear in the way he wanted his board to run, and some people found it difficult to constrain themselves to civil, intelligent discourse, so outside of GDC, I’d hear some “bad” things about GDC. Maybe that’s what happened in your case. I conducted financial transactions and whatnot through his server, so it was an extremely safe place for me, and not only as a giantess.

      Thank you! That’s what I loved about putting it together: he’s goofy, joking, wants to act like her little jester, but she has other plans in mind. She always does. It tickles me that you see it too! :)

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