I saved the background for this image a long time ago... many months. I found it at Flickr after I had started saving information about the sources for my collaging material (which is—after that point in time—clearly marked under Creative Commons as work that can be remixed). It is the original work of Konrad Roziewski,... Continue Reading →

Theth – The Android Series

Another old entry from my defunct blog I found in my Jedi archives! And the same as with the fictitious "computer series", Theth has never mentioned anywhere that the following collages are part of any set of images, much less that the shrunken men in them are bots. It just so happens that my mind... Continue Reading →

Is There Something I Should Know?

This is a stretch, but I see what I see when I see it, and I couldn't help but seeing little shrunken men moments during this Duran Duran video. I was a huge fan and remain so to this day, but that's not the reason I'm posting this video. I hadn't watched it in a... Continue Reading →


And when they do, one can only hope they are lucky enough to have a very tall woman there for them to hug them, love them, change their little diaper and give them a pacifier if it will help. :) I came across a YouTube video about fetishes, and how "disgusting" and "crazy" some (or... Continue Reading →

Honda commercials

Honda is releasing commercials that would otherwise go unnoticed by me except for the fact that there are little people in them. Every time I encounter something in the world that shouldn't mean anything to me but it does, I can't help but smile and wonder what it was that made me this way. Was... Continue Reading →


A shrunken man kept in a birdcage, or maybe trapped there for a certain amount of time: As far as scenarios go, it's a usual dish in my mind's menu, but every once in a while I try to put myself in someone else's shoes, someone that might have no idea these thoughts exist, and... Continue Reading →

Some kind of cell phone genie

Maybe it's because I'm out-of-my-mind tired, but I find the above ad freaky. I found it online—the way I find dang near everything—at the Flickrs: Take the dog! Spare me! I don't like it but I'm posting it because I could have liked if only he would have a lower body, and would lose the... Continue Reading →

Cast Ashore

Today is Saturday, so that means... RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! This collage is a shout-out to the event of finding a shrunken man, of suddenly seeing a small man come into view, without warning and certainly without knowledge that such little creatures exist. It's a fictional setting about the beginning of a shrinking fantasy, as they... Continue Reading →

Evil Lil Dracula

Yes, he's just a pet, and that's just ketchup. This poem came to be because I forced asked little squid to write it over two years ago. He kindly acquiesced and posted it as an entry on his blog, together with the collage above. I was so obsessed with shadows (I still am) that I... Continue Reading →

Sunsilk ads

This is such a cool Sunsilk ad campaign! Sure, there isn't a giantess or a shrunken man in it, but it's the idea of the slogan "Wash out your hair monsters" that makes me think of alternate scenarios. The images of the ladies dangling those little critters from their fingers' hold while considering them with... Continue Reading →


He's a curious little man. This collage was part of one of 'em monthly theme-related uploads back at GDC, and I think my first try at straight-up fully manufactured wood-floor reflections that emulated existing ones. I also tried matching shadow textures and colors between shrunken man and regular sized woman, because as you can see... Continue Reading →


You know it. Old blog repost. These four collages were the ones I liked the most back then, but now there are new images I enjoy from this excellent collager! There's a bit of a puzzle in the mini-scenes (there's a sequence of events in them, as they involve the same people), but I'm not... Continue Reading →

Hansaplast ads

Hansaplast is a brand of products for the treatment of wounds, injuries, insect bites, etc. I think it's originated in Germany. A few days ago I burned my hand in two places while taking food out of the oven, and the only bandages I have in my medicine cabinet are small strips. I was looking... Continue Reading →

In Her Hand

It's Saturday, so that means... RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! Except it's not random at all, because having very few of my own collages left to post means whatever I do upload for an entry is anything but random... and because I fully intended to show you this collage on a Saturday. Mø†h3®ƒµ©∑3® took me over two... Continue Reading →


Repost from the ol' blog. * * * I can't tell you how often I've read about the appeal of the power of a woman as tall as a building. She has grown, or was born large enough to pulverize streets as she walks on them; she makes the air vibrate with the sound of... Continue Reading →

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