Have a happy New Year's Day!

And now the fireworks go off. Have a Happy New Year!
And now the fireworks go off. Have a Happy New Year!

And here’s the gif file I created from yesterday’s collage. The red, white, and blue are there because of the original intent of the image as it belonged in a 4th-0f-July blog entry. I think it’s the only collage I’ll leave with my old SV signature, as editing it would require time I don’t have at present.

May this coming year find you safe, in good health, and in a better financial situation than in the last one. I’m off to think about some resolutions to which I can actually adhere, such as writing more, and spending more time with my cats (I’m not actually online right now, as I created this post weeks ago, and have scheduled it to be published now).

(Besides, what sort of freak would I be, to be online right now, at the very beginning of the year?)

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  1. I just love your work, You nail my fantasy to a T. I wish to be shrunk and at the feet of my lover. She has great feet and to be under them would be heaven. As I said, you hit it on the head. Keep up the great work.


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