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I can’t tell you how often I’ve read about the appeal of the power of a woman as tall as a building. She has grown, or was born large enough to pulverize streets as she walks on them; she makes the air vibrate with the sound of her voice when she speaks; she overwhelms the people that witness her existence with her mere presence, whether she ignites lust in them, or not. She causes all these feelings as a giantess, or a woman of normal size that keeps a tiny man in her home.

But how does she come to relate to him in the way that I prefer? How do I see myself coming closer to what interests me more in my thoughts and fantasies? Through my hands, of course. There are other paths I can follow, other parts of my body that communicate different things, but my hands tell a story that’s often the beginning of many others, as they are the tool that builds a bridge between the man of my fantasies, and everything I love to imagine I share with him.

How do I establish trust?

With my hands.

How do I show him my gentleness?

With my hands.

How to I invite him to join me, to be close to me, to take the elevator tour of my body from the ground as I lift him to my face?

With my hands.

Another one of my favorite collage artists is Theth. He creates fabulous images, a great number of them part of my stash, as they represent very well those instants in the existence of the giantess I am in my mind. One of those collages is this one.

TSP by Theth
“TSP” by Theth

I look at my own hand and close my eyes, and see with my mind’s eye what it would be like to hold such a small man in its vast space. He would have enough space in my palm to sit or lie back in the comfortable bowl of it. His own hands would explore my palm prints, learning the map of them as time goes by, and slowly adjusting to the twitches and changes and tilts of it as the tendons and bones that give it shape move.

These involuntary motions I can’t control… no woman could hold her hand perfectly still for any duration of time. What seems steady to me is rising and dipping for him like the wave of an ocean, one he rides as it lightly tosses him to and fro… and if he trusts me (if he doesn’t too, for it would be foolish to do anything different), he steadies himself by holding onto my finger, or pinching my flesh with his own bitty, grain-sized fingers.

I love that.

Who collaged this image I dont know
Who collaged this image? I don’t know.

The above is another image… I don’t know who created it. If you are aware of the identity of the author, let me know so I may credit him, and give you a link to the original (I can’t find it in the GDC library when searching “handheld”), which is much larger and clearer than what I’m showing here. It conveys the same feeling of soft exchange between a man so tiny, and a woman so tall, her hand the platform that removes him from his world down below, and takes him to be examined close to her face, so she can admire every detail of his fragile shape, study him, and direct him to what will happen next, which depends entirely on her mood, her mercy, her spirit. And power? The power is his too, because he chooses to climb her extended hand, he chooses to remain in it when he could demand to be put down, he melts into it, into her, and becomes one with her for as long as they both shall live.

That’s what I like to imagine.

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

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  1. Wow! missed this post before, somehow.
    Great thoughts, there, Undersquid. I agree completely – you’ve captured my feelings on the matter very well, albeit from the other point of view.
    Great stuff!

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  2. Incredible. You think of all the details, more than I have. Now I have to do a story in which a tiny man has memorized his… hold on, that’s going to be a story.

    But yes, the involuntary twitches, the micromuscles. The way the air shifts around him as heat rises from her palm and cooler air pours down around the sides. All the places her pulse manifests that she never noticed. The deep and personal relationships I could form with each individual finger. I wonder if names for them would emerge in my mind, after I learn their personalities? I’m sure. What a surprise it would be for my giantess to learn her fingers all have names.

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    1. Oh, c’mon. When is it going to be a story? Soon, I hope!

      I adore all those details. I’ve written odes about those 5 (or 10) sentinels of the guard, and the way they form a bridge between my little guy and me. Odes were written to me about them. I think one of my toes played the role of secretary in the past.

      “Oh, you are here to see Giantess _____. Lovely. Do you have an appointment?”

      outraged little guy

      “I’m sorry. You need an appointment. Let me see… Giantess _____ does have some free time next Thursday. Shall I put you down for that time?”

      more outrage from little guy, who doesn’t seem to mind somehow that he’s talking to a sentient digit

      “Is that a ‘no’? Very well, then you shall not see Her at all. She is very busy, you see. There’s the door. Goodbye.”

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      1. Oh my Goddess, that is too adorable to be believed. I don’t know which I want worse: to write this scenario out myself or to review your odes.

        And I think I would have so much fun talking to a pretty toe the giantess herself would be consumed with jealousy. How difficult would it be to have a secret affair with a toe on a giantess, behind her back? All these nighttime trysts, never getting enough sleep, the shoe of constant guilt hanging over one’s head…

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        1. I have no idea where to find those odes, or if they still exist. They are probably unrecoverable AOL emails, come to think of it. sighs All the lost material.

          Hah! Well, the toe is an extension of the giantess, so I’m not sure she’d be jealous. The affair would be easy to carry out, I think. All a tiny man has to do is wait until the giantess is distracted, or asleep. Then he has to make sure he writes it all down in his journal, and leaves said journal somewhere visible, maybe right next to where his giantess keeps her magnifying glass. Good times.

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          1. Well. Then these stories must be rewritten, recreated, reimagined, rebooted. I know I’m fully enthused about this. It’s such a delicious idea, it’s going to haunt me until I do something with it.

            But why would he leave the journal somewhere his giantess can read it? That’s not much of a secret. This is an affair, he’s trying to get away with something.

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  3. To actually experience sitting in her palm, feeling her breath washing over me, looking into her eyes as she stares down at me & listen to her softly verbalize some of her thoughts would absolutely send me over the edge. I would not want to escape…..nor could I.

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