In Her Hand

Such a tiny little guy...
Such a tiny little guy…

It’s Saturday, so that means…


Except it’s not random at all, because having very few of my own collages left to post means whatever I do upload for an entry is anything but random… and because I fully intended to show you this collage on a Saturday.

Mø†h3®ƒµ©∑3® took me over two years to complete, not because it was difficult, but there were many things to correct in the original background, which I found in the Handluva place. In its raw form it’s an image of two hands holding a large number of grapes or beads or pearls, so in March 2007 I started editing those out, working on and off for a long time as I like to do, until all I had was one mutilated hand on a clean blue background.

Later on I built me a couple of fingers, ring and pinkie, to complete the hand. I already had a shrunken man from working on another collage… actually I initially saved the Orlando Bloom image for this handheld image. I edited one of his arms, and voilà, I was done.

Or so I thought.

I was about to save a copy for web use when the idea of placing a bracelet around that giant wrist began to gnaw at me, so I searched through about a dozen websites before I magically stumbled upon Forkometry, and marveled at the squid-looking cuff bracelets. I have a love/hate relationship with jewelry and a love relationship with recycling, so at some point I have got to get me one of those. They are so pretty!

But not as pretty as a shrunken man sitting in the palm of my hand. I’ve had that vision in my head for a very long time, and I love to find collages that depict it with romance and gentleness, that show a little guy that feels perfectly safe in the cup of his girlfriend’s hand because that is the safest place in the world for him.

Well, safe until she starts feeling frisky and commences to tug and rip off his clothes. It’s his fault, for provoking her with his hot little doll-sized body.

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  1. If I hadn’t read your description of how you had to put her hand back together and then add her bracelet, I would have thought that there had been no work done there at all, since the grain and noise pattern and patched in fingers look fantastic, not to mention the shadowing. Wonderful work, as usual.

    Does Mr. Bloom also fit into your list of male celebrities that always look good as a shrunken man alongside Mr. Boreanaz?


  2. Thank you trinket. All I did was copy the index finger as two different layers, one for the ring and another one for the pinkie so I could move them around and resize them until they looked to me like they belonged there.

    Then altering the pinkie’s nail size and working with the Burn and Dodge tools gave me some light and shadow to differentiate them from the rest of the hand. I did get lazy with the bracelet shadow and simply “dropped” one, but watch me not lose any sleep over that.

    Yes! Mr. Bloom always manages to pose very well for photos I can use for my dark purposes, the same as Mr. Boreanaz.

    There’s a collage with him I’ll finish in three or four years in which he’s being abducted by a much taller woman. It should be fun to create. :)


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