You know it. Old blog repost. These four collages were the ones I liked the most back then, but now there are new images I enjoy from this excellent collager! There’s a bit of a puzzle in the mini-scenes (there’s a sequence of events in them, as they involve the same people), but I’m not sure it’s very obvious. What is clear to me is that I used naughty words in my old blog far more frequently than I do in this one.

Here’s a link to TheShrinkee’s Flickr gallery, the same one found in my blogroll.

* * *

Some time last year [2006] I was visiting Mystic Crunk’s board to see if Gcode had created anything new when a thread by TheShrinkee caught my attention. The title included the word “chess,” and since I enjoy the game, I took a peek to see what he had produced.

A few are not my cup of tea, but plenty are just fabulous. The images I’ve inserted here are my favorite. Just look at all the instant mini-stories they inspire.

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

shrunk-20 by TheShrinkee
“shrunk-20” by TheShrinkee

“Look at him, dancing like an idiot.”

“Stop it. And be quiet, the rest of you. Don’t you see he’s about to die? We could be next!”

“Nah. We’ll be OK. We weren’t stupid enough to climb her body and arrive at her foot as though it’s some great reward.”

“Well, he does have a foot fetish….”

“If a fetish makes a person willingly- Did he just drop his pants? And what’s he doing to that giant toe?”

“I think I liked it better when he was dancing.”

“Speak for yourself- Oh my god, look! She’s seen him! She’s reaching for him!”

“Lloyd! Lloyd! Jump! She’s spotted you!”

“Lloooyd! Oh, I can’t look!”

“He’s gone.”

“Do you think he died happy?”

“I don’t know. I’m just glad I’m not in his place.”

“Yeah. We are lucky we found this nice, dark, safe place to hide.”

“And smar-”

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

shrunk-23 by TheShrinkee
“shrunk-23” by TheShrinkee

“e4. Let’s try the Sicilian again.”

“In English. I have no idea what that means.”

“She moved the king’s pawn two squares forward.”

“OK. Now what do we do?”

“See if we can lure us a decent Wing gambit.”

“Just tell me what piece we are gonna move, fuckwit.”

“You have no idea what a Sicilian defense is, and I’m the fuckwit?”

“Gentlemen, may I remind you this is a timed game, and we are playing for our freedom?”

“Yeah. Like she’s gonna let us go if we win.”

“How many times have we won, exactly?”


“We would have won last week if our genius Lloyd here hadn’t forfeited the game for a foot massage.”

“Hey, it was worth it, let me tell ya… Her big foot on me like that? I’ve never had so many orgas-”

“Spare us. Help me move this pawn to c5. Oomph!”

“Damn, this is heavy! Humph- humph- Lloyd, I- humph- curse you! Humph- I hope her sister visits again, and she grows you a bit- humph- and then kills you while you are distracted fucking her toe! Hrrrmph!”

“There. Whew! Let’s see what she does n-”

“Oh, yeah? And I hope that right after I die happy, she sits her ass on you, and turns you into mush!”

“You know, little ones, I’m right here. I can hear you. Play quietly or I will disqualify you. In the toilet.”

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

shrunk-13 by TheShrinkee
“shrunk-13” by TheShrinkee

“Run, you guys! Run for your life!!!”

“Dammit! Ever since that shrinking ray was invented, we men can’t even get a full day at the office in peace! Kinda funny, actually. Hahahahahahah!”

“Why are you laughing? Hahahahahahahah!”

“I don’t know. You are laughing too, actually. Oh, no! Wait! Lloyd has fallen, and he can’t get up! Hahahah!”

Lloyd: “Oh, yeah. Foot. Shoe. Lower that shoe on me, pretty foot… Hahahahah.”

“Lloyd, you IDIOT! Get up or we’ll be captured! Ouch! Now I’ve fallen. Hah.”

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

mega-17 by TheShrinkee
“mega-17” by TheShrinkee

“So, why are we vacationing in Mexico again?”

“Because of the pretty pyramids like this one we climbed, and ruins and stuff.”

“And the fact that it’s the only country with giantesses makes no never mind to you, does it?”

“I’m just wondering why I’m away from the office for two weeks out of the entire year, and I choose to hang out with you guys.”

“That’s because you couldn’t get any woman from the office to travel with you. You are always creeping them out, the way you stare at their feet.”

“Yeah! You better not get us in trouble with the giantesses here! Here’s comes one now. Wow. Wow… hold on to something, guys. Man, she’s so tall….”

Oye, mujer giganta! Yo piense su pie muy erótico parte de la humana! Yo quiere hacer cosas a su giganta dedos con mi órgano masculino!

“Oh, no. Where did Lloyd get that translator? Quick, take it away from him! She looks angry!”

“Here she comes! Run! What the hell did you tell her, man?”

“I was just being my charming self! Aaaargh!”

“Let’s just hope shrinking rays are never ever invented, especially when we get back to the States!”

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  1. Wow. I’ve forgotten you had this old blog post. Thanks again for highlighting my works. A few things I noticed on these older collages: 1) Some technical glitches that (I think) I can improve on now; 2) I probably should give them titles instead of just numbering them; 3) I use too many little men with suits.

    Then again, I really enjoy how you link the collages with the stories of Lloyd & co. I had not meant shrunk-13 to be humorous but after reading your version of the story, I grin whenever I see it again.


  2. Hi Shrinkee, and thank you for the comment!

    I notice exactly the same things in my first hundred and fifty collages. Technical things I know I would do differently now, and things that would never be obvious, such as layer organization and priority.

    For example, I can’t believe it took me as long as it did to realize to always duplicate a layer before a major change, in case I want to change my mind after saving my work. Doing that simple thing has saved me hours of time.

    Hahah! I was just thinking I should number my collages and not only give them titles. And I think your little men with suits are an excellent choice. I’ve looked for men in suits as collage material, and I’m happy to report I’ve found many “suitable” ones that will make their way into collages.

    If I live long enough to finish more collages instead of dying of old age before I get to them, that is.

    I never would have thought shrunk-13 humorous if they didn’t look like they were falling over with laughter. In my mind I imagined that was a side effect of the shrinking ray that had just been used on them, and it always makes me smile as well. :)


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