Sunsilk ads

I like those little hair monsters.
I like those little hair monsters.

This is such a cool Sunsilk ad campaign! Sure, there isn’t a giantess or a shrunken man in it, but it’s the idea of the slogan “Wash out your hair monsters” that makes me think of alternate scenarios. The images of the ladies dangling those little critters from their fingers’ hold while considering them with something close to disgust only gives fuel to my imagination.

I can see myself finding not a monster in my hair, but a shrunken little guy as I perform my morning ablutions. At first I wouldn’t know what I’ve captured, but when I realize what I have in my grip the expression on my face would shift from WTF to OMG Gr8!

And that’s why I saved the original images shown above. Eventually I will replace those monsters with real little men, and when I do, I will stand mistress of all I survey and whisper thunderously, “‘Tis as it should be.”

Advertising Agency: JWT, Paris, France

Photographer: Vincent Dixon

And a YouTube ad starring those cute hair creatures:

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