Cast Ashore

Giant mouth-to-mouth kisses should have him up again soon.
Giant mouth-to-mouth kisses should have him up again soon.

Today is Saturday, so that means…


This collage is a shout-out to the event of finding a shrunken man, of suddenly seeing a small man come into view, without warning and certainly without knowledge that such little creatures exist. It’s a fictional setting about the beginning of a shrinking fantasy, as they all have to start somewhere, and some of us like to imagine them from start to finish, slowly and with a great deal of detail.

For me it sometimes starts with a walk on the beach, the kind I’ve enjoyed since childhood, but during those nothing extraordinary happened, and the only things I ever found on the sand were shells, seaweed, tiny crabs, and polished pebbles.

The woman in my imagination (who always happens to be me) finds much more than that when she sees a little body sprawled on sand darker than the rest, and she quickly comes to understand that every wave that rolls into shore played a part in pushing him to land. So where did he come from?

And why in the world is he so small? Is he alive? Is he real? He certainly looks real, but she invariably asks herself if he is exactly, in every way like men her size, and maybe she should rescue him and then he’ll be so grateful he’ll show her how real he is.

And sometimes she finds out whether he’s grateful or not. Sometimes his little chirps of protest and fruitless struggles are all the thanks she needs after bringing him back to life and taking him to her hotel room, but the kind of gratitude she prefers are words that sound like capitulation, and surrender. In my mind, sweet acceptance always follows futile resistance, if the latter is ever there at all.

Why lie. The latter is often on my mind.

Erasure – Breathe

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  1. Yes! Speaking of vocabulary, I would love to have the time to create a “dictionary” of giantess and shrunken men terms as a page for this blog.

    You know, when I have the time for it. So it will take me about a decade.

    Thank you for the comment. :)


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