Honda commercials

Honda is releasing commercials that would otherwise go unnoticed by me except for the fact that there are little people in them. Every time I encounter something in the world that shouldn’t mean anything to me but it does, I can’t help but smile and wonder what it was that made me this way.

Was it God?


Myself? Past life? What? Why do I sit here and watch an online commercial and then I feel the unmistakable tingle, the buzz of that radar that tells me Little Things have entered my sphere, that Something That Makes Me Feel Tall is about, and then I look at it, and it might not show me directly what’s in my fantasies, but it’s somewhat related, so I can’t help but be affected by it.

In other words, a car commercial with little people building a car or maintaining a car or inside a car much larger than they are reminds me of shrunken men and my own scenarios. Completely Pavlovian, my friends. Ephemeral, figurative, and vague, but stimuli nonetheless.

I can deal with it very well, yes. The punch-packing moment for me comes about 75 seconds into the commercial:

I want little people to build me a car too.
I want little people to build me a car too.

There’s a second commercial with little people shown in a cross section of a Honda, but I can’t find it anywhere. Didn’t look too hard, though.

Edit: Score! I found a link to images of the cross section, and there’s a link to view the commercial as well.

Honda Cross Section “All in One Place” Commercial

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