Little men feel sad too.

And when they do, one can only hope they are lucky enough to have a very tall woman there for them to hug them, love them, change their little diaper and give them a pacifier if it will help. :)

I came across a YouTube video about fetishes, and how “disgusting” and “crazy” some (or all, I didn’t watch but a minute of it) of them are. It was supposed to include the giantess fetish, but I didn’t get that far into it. I did catch a few other fantasies that are relatively new to my knowledge, such as the fart thing, and the nose fetish. That has absolutely nothing to do with this blog entry, but I know some people get off on watching others cry.

While that’s not my thing at all, there is a certain appeal to collages that depict a shrunken man in some emotional distress, while at the same time he’s being comforted by a woman that holds him in her arms as though he’s a little baby.

I’m going to sound like a broken record now, but Theth and trinket999 have created excellent related images… although trinket’s collage shows a man on a woman’s lap, and her arms are not around him, and there’s an expression of calm indifference on her face that creates an impact of a different kind. It calls for compassion for that sad little man.

What can possibly be hot about compassion, you ask? Well, it brings to mind the scenario of another woman seeing that poor little guy in a state of unhappiness, and she takes it upon herself to remove him from his current situation (the idea of abducting shrunken men is… wow), to rescue him and make him a happy little pet.

This image is about two things: comforting a shrunken man that feels blue, and the playful irony of protecting his dignity by making sure no one around them notices he’s weeping, while exposing him to the humiliating chuckles of passersby because she’s visibly holding a baby pacifier that clearly belongs to him.

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  1. Thank you, Pluribus! Every once in a while it strikes me how interesting it is to live in a world where there are others that think similar thoughts, that no matter the distance, there are people whose minds follow paths close to mine, especially about fantasies that compel one to initially think, “I must be the only one on the planet with these crazy thoughts”.

    I would love to make more collages like this one. Slowly but surely I will, as real life allows me.


  2. I love love love this one. Let me count the ways:

    1. Excellent size ratio.
    2. Fantastic work on the shadows in her arms as she holds him.
    3. That slight look of exasperation that she has. Or maybe you didn’t mean that, but I sure see it.


  3. Hi trinket, and thank you! Let me count some stuff too:

    1. I think the size ratio is lovely too, but I get a thrill out of all sizes. That “baby” size tugs at my heart strings something fierce, as I tell myself a detailed background of how he got to be that size, and why, and the events that take place between them as a result.

    2. I’m pleased with the arms shadow work, but only came to realize I had forgotten torso shadows about two days later. I hope I have time to fix that soon at the same time I know I won’t.

    3. I see that look, although sometimes I translate it into other emotions. One day she’s watchful no one notices her little guy is weeping, the next day she doesn’t even realize that as she’s distracted with the surroundings of her own superior world, and… then maybe the following day she’s telling herself, “Oh brother, here come the waterworks again…” :)


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