Is There Something I Should Know?

This is a stretch, but I see what I see when I see it, and I couldn’t help but seeing little shrunken men moments during this Duran Duran video. I was a huge fan and remain so to this day, but that’s not the reason I’m posting this video.

I hadn’t watched it in a long time, but just a few minutes ago I logged on to my YouTube account to answer a message when I noticed a recommendation for the Is There Something I Should Know? video. I hadn’t watched it in a length of time I’m not about to foolishly disclose, but it’s been many years.

I bet that tickles!
I bet that tickles!

So I clicked it, and 41 seconds into it I watched Simon Le Bon walk into what appears to be a badly constructed, ’80s video-style forest of hairs.

Being who I am, I instantly pictured a shrunken man doing exactly that, taking a tiny stroll on my scalp, or… I don’t know. Somewhere else there might be feminine hairs. Eyebrows, armpits, whatever. :)

At 1:04 minute and then again at 3:02 minutes, Mr. Le Bon can be seen walking up steps so large they make him seem half sized or less. Did I like that? What do you think?

And then there’s a bunch of POVs of the Duran Duran group members as seen from above (in other words, the sort of POVs women such as myself like). Did I like that as well? Fine, since you insist on knowing, I’ll tell ya: I definitely liked that!

He's saying, Argh! Im shrinkiiiing!
He's saying , "Argh! I'm shrinkiiiing!"

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