Get On Your Boots

This morning I visited the YouTube front page... I can't remember why, when I spotted a recent video for a U2 song. having been a fan on and off for the last mrrghhteen years, I decided to watch it. A few seconds into it I realized there were a few size-difference crumbs being thrown my... Continue Reading →

Tom Thumb

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! No, it's not. It's not random at all. In fact, there are no more random Saturday collages and I'm officially sick and tired of that bit, so this will be the last time I use it. I began this collage back in October 2007. I found the... Continue Reading →

Norma Shearer and my 10,000th visitor

According to my sources, earlier this afternoon I received my 10,000th visitor, and days ago I finished the Norma Shearer collage above. I love old movies, but I can't recall ever watching any with her. I will have to change that soon, but when I uploaded the image I decided I would discover a connection... Continue Reading →

Daniel Nassoy's Views

I'm poking around my WordPress admin area, trying to find a blog theme that fulfills my every dream and does the laundry as well, but no luck so far. I also fiddled with my Firefox bookmarks during the weekend, and deleted a large number of them that I originally intended to use in collages. A... Continue Reading →

Signs of a Happy Valentine's Day

I was going to write a poem to go with this, perhaps some other time. In the meantime, pretend this is a poem though nothing in it rhymes. Have a happy Valentine's Day may you spend it in her shoe. The above is a bathroom sign for ladies taller than you. They need a special... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine's Day!

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! I created this collage for a Valentine's Day image contest at the GDC, a contest I won, by the way. I'm always going to say I won every contest I entered, even though it's a big fat lie. I'll constantly claim other people are lying when they... Continue Reading →

Happy Semesteversary, Hug the Undersquid!

At this very moment, my blog is six months old. It feels like two or three. I'm asleep right now (this entry has been scheduled to be published hours from now), so I'll return later for some fun-filled, blog-related facts. Later... Hi again, I've been blogging for six months, and while that's no big feat,... Continue Reading →

O Shoes

I was [browser] window shopping for shoes last night when I found this pair of purple Mary Janes. I'm aware you are not exactly the sort of target audience for women's shoes and clothes and jewelry, and while this is the sort of thing I usually share with my family or at Facebook, I wanted... Continue Reading →

Miss Epil ads

I found these ads just a few minutes ago. I hereby claim I'll return to my blog later and share some thoughts about them. Have a nice morning! A million years later.... You know, women are naturally hairy. That was the title of an ancient thread started by someone very clever at a giantess board... Continue Reading →


"Can I call you sometime?" She just smiled as though he was a little pet performing a trick, and slipped back into her dress, which cascaded down her body like a black waterfall. "Well, can I?" he asked again as he zipped up his pants. Still no answer. "What's your name?" "Little one, what do... Continue Reading →

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