O Shoes

Love 'em.
Love 'em.

I was [browser] window shopping for shoes last night when I found this pair of purple Mary Janes. I’m aware you are not exactly the sort of target audience for women’s shoes and clothes and jewelry, and while this is the sort of thing I usually share with my family or at Facebook, I wanted to place a little man between the shoes and I can’t do that for any place but here.

For $28.30, this is a really cheap pair of shoes and that means I would get what I pay for… so I’ll probably wait until I can find a pair of better quality, though no one can stop me from dreaming of them, and fantasizing about the clothes I would wear at the same time. I picked a purple blouse, and looked for plaid mustard-and-purple pants, but impossible to find. A second best is a lovely black skirt.


And since I love/hate jewelry, I would either wear a very simple silver chain, or now that my hair is a bit longer, either of these barrettes with red stones. Yes, red. Purple stones alone would be too easy and boring. Then I’d grab my shrinking spray and I’d be all set to conquer the world in style.

Marquis Spray Barrette.Marquise Crystal Barrete

Please ignore that last line. I was just typing out loud. :)

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  1. Form “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”: “… and I even like the colour.”

    The purple pumps ROCK! Also, there’s nothing wrong with a classic black skirt; it shows off the blouse AND the shoes at the same time. So, go GET that shrinking spray & go stylin’ all Ya want… we’ll be waiting for You!

    Gotta go get my shrink on…



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