Happy Semesteversary, Hug the Undersquid!

At this very moment, my blog is six months old. It feels like two or three. I’m asleep right now (this entry has been scheduled to be published hours from now), so I’ll return later for some fun-filled, blog-related facts.


Hi again,

I’ve been blogging for six months, and while that’s no big feat, I’m fond of what I’ve expressed through this blog, which is more than I’ve put up at any other blog of mine, even my old giantess blog.

Some fun-filled blog facts:

  • Near the moment my blog turned six months old, I received my 9,418th visitor. While I know that other blogs out there get that many visitors a week (heck, they get that many a day, sometimes an hour), it still feels damn mighty peachy to receive visitors, plenty of whom actually stay and rifle through my entries.
  • I love to look at my Sitemeter blog statistics and see all the people from different countries that come to visit, the times that they visit, and how they got here. My 9,418th visitor was from Mumbai, India. He or she searched for terms that showed the way to my Tiny Coworker entry. The search terms indicate they weren’t looking for bitty men exposed to office settings, but that only makes guessing their reaction more fun. :)
  • The most popular entry at this point is Fake Movie Posters. Clicks to it outnumber any other entry by the hundreds, and it probably gets hits every day… perhaps because having giantess / shrunken man fantasies is not a requirement for enjoying such images.
  • The most popular click (meaning an image or link that’s not a post or a page, but certainly found in a post or page) is trinket999’s Looking-Glass World blog. Seriously, c’mon! What a blow to my self-esteem as a blogger! My visitors CAN’T WAIT to leave me for another blog. Why? What does he give you that I don’t? Oh, but you’ll come back to me… just wait and see. :lol: Actually, trinket’s blog is my all-time top referrer. This back-and-forth clickety clicking of blog readers (or viewers) is the most awesome thing about having blog buddies.
  • The most popular click at my blog, one that’s not an external link that sends you to another website, is this image:

    Who can blame you? It is a cool collage.
    Who can blame you? It is a cool collage.
  • The search engine term that sends me the most visitors is “undersquid”, followed by “giantess”. In fourth place is “shrunken men”, with not 1/4 the amount of searches the word “giantess” gets. Why? Why the little-guy dissing, Internets? Seriously, I see a wonderful increase from times before, which means more people are looking for little men.
  • The most disappointed visitors are those that end up here after searching for “cricket crush” and “shrunken women”. Sorry, neither is going to be covered here. :) The ones I’m most sorry to disappoint are those lovely people looking for “male toes”. I understand you, I really do.

I’m done, though I’ll probably be back with another excuse to celebrate when I get my 10,000th visitor. Have a nice Valentine’s Day weekend!

6 thoughts on “Happy Semesteversary, Hug the Undersquid!

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  1. Congratulations on the six month mark, Undersquid. Your work looks great and I see you’ve also displayed some work by some of my favorite collage artists, including Theth.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you Quinttt, and I’m happy you enjoy it. Have a nice holiday weekend (today is Card Reading Day, which is far better than Sunday’s holiday, International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day)!


  2. Congratulations on your semesteversary! And I’m ecstatic to be your No. 1 blog traffic director.

    Thweeep! Thweeeep! (That’s my traffic warden whistle).

    “Alright you lot, more of you over here please.”


  3. Trinket999, thank you, and this blog traffic we get is proof of something we already knew existed, that people that have these similar thoughts are out there. I know they are out there, but it’s somehow “unifying” to witness their palpable interest. I like it!

    :lol: That traffic warden whistle makes me think of a shrunken-man version of The Sound of Music, with no children and a captain Von Trapped in the grip of a giant Maria that loves to romp through mountains that are only hills to her, and sing till all nearby glass windows are shattered. It would be fun to watch him attempt to introduce that whistle to her.


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