Daniel Nassoy's Views

I’m poking around my WordPress admin area, trying to find a blog theme that fulfills my every dream and does the laundry as well, but no luck so far. I also fiddled with my Firefox bookmarks during the weekend, and deleted a large number of them that I originally intended to use in collages. A few are no longer part of the Internet, and others had to go because I will never have time to use them.

Among them I found a gallery of male nude photography and art I bookmarked before I began to have certain ideas about the source of materials I wanted to use for my collages. The reason I saved the link was a series of images titled “Views”, by Daniel Nassoy. They are displayed below, and as you can see they are all about shrunken men, several of them trapped in glass bottles or jars.

Here’s what Mr. Nassoy writes about his images:

My work and photography can be summed up in a single word, ESCAPE. Whether it is through black and white photographs of gardens, flowers, architecture, or through an enduring passion for male nudes, or even through reworking colour photos on the computer, I am looking for Evasion. In my photography I am escaping, and everybody who sees my photos can also dream and escape. Photography allows me the time, to look, to admire, to sublimate and communicate my passion and sometimes my fantasies.

A-ha! Fantasies about tiny men encapsulated in various interesting containers, I think.

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