Norma Shearer and my 10,000th visitor

Giantess Norma Shearer
Giantess Norma Shearer

According to my sources, earlier this afternoon I received my 10,000th visitor, and days ago I finished the Norma Shearer collage above. I love old movies, but I can’t recall ever watching any with her. I will have to change that soon, but when I uploaded the image I decided I would discover a connection between it and the aforementioned blog viewer. As you can see, I thought of doing that many hours before I knew a thing about my 10,000 visitor.

My findings were shocking. See for yourself. Lettuce begin.

My 10,000 visitor is in Edmonton, Alberta, so I assume s/he is Canadian. Norma Shearer was born in Montreal, Quebec, fact that makes her Canadian.

My 10,000 visitor- let’s call him “Ed”, views giantess content through the Internet using Shaw Cable. J. R. Shaw is the executive chairman of Shaw Communications. Norma Shearer was in a film titled Upstage with Oscar Shaw: it’s about a woman in a circus act that gets a big head about her place in the world. And who has the biggest head in the world? A giantess!

I know. You just fell off your chair. But wait, there’s more.

The Edmonton, Yukon, & Pacific Railway Company operated from 1902 until 1929. Ms. Shearer got on a train to New York to try her luck as an actress. Not only that, but in one of her films, she was on a train as well. And she was born in the year 1902! Oh. My. God.

Edmonton’s tallest building is the Manulife Place, which was completed in 1983, the year Norma Shearer died. The building boasts 42 floors, and guess the release year of Shearer’s last film, Her Cardboard Lover. That’s right! 1942! Not only that, but 42 is the answer to everything!

Here, you look like you need this.

Smelling Salts

You must be strong, for there is more.

Ed’s Edmonton is known as “The Festival City”, as it plays host to several large festivals each year. One of those is the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. You can imagine the role Ms. Shearer played opposite Leslie Howard’s Romeo in 1936.

Edmontonians like big things, and I’m not only talking about imaginary women of shocking height, but also architectural structures. Edmonton is the home of a few “largest” places, such as the largest composting facility in the world, and the West Edmonton Mall, the largest in North America. And who is the largest person in the above collage? Norma Shearer!

Alright, I’m done. I do want to mention that I think it’s statistically interesting I know of at least a couple of giantess fans from Edmonton, and as far as I can tell, I have yet to receive a single giantess-related visit from anyone in my native country. I doubt I’m the only person among those particular millions of people that has these size-related fantasies, so I’ll continue to look for that tricolor in my blog stats.

8 thoughts on “Norma Shearer and my 10,000th visitor

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  1. There’s always something similar in the expression in the eyes of the men in your collages. While they’re sometimes timid, sometimes pleading, sometimes cocky and sometimes amorous, they’re always … humble.



    1. Thank you, Pedro! And I figure it’s quite hard to imagine a scenario in which a shrunken man is not filled with overwhelming emotions at his predicament, and humility is one virtue he’d probably possess.

      In my opinion, the same applies to collages, so it helps to find image elements that manage to transmit something of what I’m visualizing… and when they don’t, I just imagine they do. :D

      At the same time, I’ve made notes about a story I’ve been wanting to write for years now, about a shrunken man that doesn’t know the meaning of the world “humble”, and can stand his ground against giants. I find it very interesting to imagine such a little guy, and the events that would take place were he to meet his “match”.


  2. That IS shocking! I feel strangely connected to this blog, as I also use Shaw Cable!

    Furthermore, I’ll be working on a play by George Bernard Shaw up here in Canada! …Not Alberta though. Unless we work out some sort of tour.

    What does it mean??


    1. Dharker, I can hardly believe what you wrote! Is it mere coincidence, or is there something… dharker behind it? If only we had the time to discuss this in a committee!

      Thank you for bringing these new —and very important— developments to my attention!


  3. Lovely, classic looking Norma Shearer collage. Looking at it sends little shivers down my spine.

    And congratulations on your 10,000th visitor! May you have many more.


  4. Thank you! It works for me as well, especially because of the expressions on their faces.

    And I wish the same for your blog! Well, I know you’ll have many more visitors.


  5. You don;t see many collages of old-time actresses as giantesses (though I have seen movie marquees with giant cutouts of Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe). It might be cute to see a photo of Hollywood Boulevard in the 1930s with a larger-than-life Jean Harlow or Carole Lombard standing amongst the buildings…or move up to the ’50s and try it with Cyd Charisse or Audrey Hepburn.


  6. Hi BFF (*the* BFF?)!

    Those are excellent ideas. I have a few incomplete collages, mostly from the ’50s, that I’ll finish one day. My favorite is a fake movie poster for “Bringing Up Baby”. Thanks for the comment!


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