Get On Your Boots

This morning I visited the YouTube front page… I can’t remember why, when I spotted a recent video for a U2 song. having been a fan on and off for the last mrrghhteen years, I decided to watch it. A few seconds into it I realized there were a few size-difference crumbs being thrown my way, and I enjoy sharing those crumbs whenever I get the chance of it.

Spot the brief moments that seem to include either a very tiny U2, or very tall ladies in their surroundings. It ain’t much, but my shrunken-man radar definitely beeped a few times while I was watching it.

The song’s guitar “hook” makes me feel nauseated, not only because it’s a demonstration of how U2 isn’t what it used to be, but also because it’s tired, boring, annoying, and forgettable. Still, the video has some moments that include giantess or shrunken man-like perspectives, so I can’t dismiss it completely even though I know I’ll never have another The Unforgettable Fire.

  1. Twenty-five seconds into the video, we see the group performing downstage from a cluster of boulder-sized candies apples. In my childhood I hated those things, and still do. If you are gonna eat an apple, just eat it. Don’t coat it with melted sugar. It ruins the appleness of an apple. But never mind me, as I’m not that big on candy.

  2. One minute and eighteen seconds later U2 continues to sing and play as a couple of comparatively tall women stand nearby, all dressed up for Halloween. I don’t know when this video came out, but I’m going to guess October 31.

  3. If you were singing and knew that right behind you there was a face as big as a wall equipped with lips that could probably swallow you whole, you’d look over your shoulder too.

  4. Some collagers like to place helicopters or jets flying by whatever mayhem a giantess is creating. You know who they are. This scene of tiny jets speeding by the giantess as she prepares to stupidly swallow a bullet one minute and thirty-six seconds into the video reminded me of those folks.

  5. The best part of 1:37 comes right after, when she blows away that army with her breath. I wanna do that!

There are more fleeting moments similar to the above (or below) in the video, including some fancy black boots. My verdict: I find the song guilty of suckcide in the first degree, and the video innocent of all charges.

In other news, I had a great dream last night: a member of the giantess community (someone that doesn’t exist) had written an awesome giantess story about me that became an animated B&W film.

3 thoughts on “Get On Your Boots

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  1. I went straight to the link and started taking screenshots, without having read the rest of the entry. That’s who and how I am.

    Then I read the rest of the entry and saw you’d provided the screenshots I took. How about that?

    There are many giantess/shrink-themed videos where you just have to turn down the sound and put something nice on while you scrub through for the seconds of image you really want. That’s what we get in a “take what we can get” kind of world.

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    1. Yeah. I went to Family Video a couple of nights ago, and saw the cover of a DVD that almost made my heart skip a beat.

      I’m not even gonna… *sigh* Talk about a wasted opportunity.

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