Tiny USB vacuum cleaner

Now do your chores!
Now do your chores!

This is a cute little thing. I saw it and I couldn’t help thinking of a shrunken man running out of excuses on why he can’t possibly do chores around the house. The tiny appliance is several inches in height, so a small man would have to be the size of a tallish doll to get anything done with it.

But under my scrutiny, it wouldn’t matter what size he is: flea or cricket-sized, there’s work to be done. And onto a serious matter, what’s wrong with you people? Why aren’t there more collages of tiny men cleaning giant things, polishing shoes, scrubbing jewelry, that sort of thing?

Get on with it. Chop-chop! ;)

“Better Clean Well” by The Borrower

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  1. SURELY there are better things for a little guy to be doing, rather than spending hours completing a task that would take his lady no more than a minute to do.

    Tch, the laziness! :-)


    1. No, I can’t think of anything a tiny man can do that’s better than doing as he’s told! :)

      Can you see a tiny man ever opening his mouth to instruct his tall lady to do something that will only take her a minute? I imagine there would be some consequences to such ingratitude, particularly because she already does so much for him.

      “Yes, dear, you feed me, clothe me, house me, tend to my puny needs, keep me safe, especially from friends of yours that would like nothing but for you to date a ‘normal’ guy your size… so how about you get off your gigantic butt and polish your own damned shoes?”


      Oh, how quickly that little man’s day would turn dark and stormy. :lol:

      So you see, it’s better for all involved if he does a little giant work. It keeps him in shape, and it gives her something delightful to watch.

      That’s a lovely collage! Thank you for sharing it.


  2. OK, you make a good point. I concur. :-)

    I really do love that collage by The Borrower. It just looks so … right, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for the relentless posts of joy. :-)


    1. And I concur right back, since I agree with what you say about The Borrower’s collage.

      As far as I know his collages have always been black and white, and while that’s not enough to make an image look realistic, his way of working it sure helps.

      The subject matter he seems to prefer in many of his collages with dollhouses and shoes put him on my list of favorite collagers.

      And you are welcome, although sometimes I think I need to bring balance to the blog with occasional entries about cantankerous giantesses and the paths of slight destruction they leave in their wake….


  3. That’d be an interesting calendar. Rather than gorgeous normal-sized men doing domestic chores in various states of undress… I guess just wedge “tiny” into that descriptor somewhere. That would require some world-class collage work, but you never know: the first year it does badly, the second year sales pick up, and thereafter it become a “thing” and rival companies are making money hand over fist with these themes.

    If my giantess asked me to exfoliate her face or polish her nails, I’d know I picked the right giantess. If she asked me to do silly tasks on her desk or otherwise perform for her, that’s still okay. But if she tasks me to mop the kitchen floor while she goes out with friends, yeah, that’s when I pack a Triscuit and a single piece of teriyaki jerky and hit the dusty trails.

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    1. I’d buy that calendar.

      Simply because a giantess asks you to do something nice for her doesn’t make her the wrong giantess. Never mind stupid reality, when we look at all the floors that have been mopped by women since the beginning of time, while men go out with their friends. There’s nothing wrong with going out with one’s friends and leaving a spouse behind doing housework, if the next day one does it for that spouse.

      The same way there’s nothing wrong with cleaning floors, wiping counters, waxing shoes*, shoveling grout mold, collecting dead bugs, shepherding dust bunnies, washing unmentionables, sewing tiny buttons, refilling prescriptions, bringing in the mail (probably not the packages), shoveling used litter, scrubbing dishes, peeling grapes, polishing windows, fixing pipes, repairing watches…

      A shrunken man that at least attempts to pull his own weight is very attractive. I’m sure he would see his efforts rewarded quite handsomely. I know that if ever, by the effect of some amazing and wonderful miracle I came home to find my little guy spackling that hole on the kitchen floor, I would shower him with giant kisses until the end of days. But then, if he told me he’s had enough, and he’s leaving because I asked him to spit-clean my keyboard, he would break my heart in a million pieces.


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  4. I’m already pretty adept at polishing shoes. I take some pride in that. I bet, with the right supplies, I could do a serious number on grout mold, too. That would be particularly satisfying.

    Now, sure, I could peel a grape for my giantess. I can’t retrieve the mail until someone buys me a special modified piece of construction equipment, something like a backhoe with pincers, and installs a little rail track for me to access the mail slot. Refilling prescriptions? I can call those in but I can’t drive us out to Costco and pick them up.

    What I can’t do in mass or volume, I can make up for in detail work. Polishing brass candelabras? Absolutely. Shoveling the front walk? Sorry. Flossing and plaque scraping? I’m on it. Washing the windows? Not without considerable investment on the giantess’s part (a tiny little scaffolding set like regular window-washers for skyscrapers get would be fun for me and adorable to watch in action).

    But if my giantess comes home with a dramatic new haircut and then asks me to clean the inside of the oven? Like hell.

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    1. You’re a keeper, case closed. Of course, I’ll have to send a memo to your giantess to never ever again go to the hairdresser. Better end up looking like cousin It, rather than risk losing a little guy like you. But so what? More hair for you to lovingly brush, and detangle, and braid.

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