Weleda Migraine Remedy ads

Mean little men, are they not?
Mean little men, are they not?

Neat set of ads that demonstrate the relationship between a migraine headache and its solution, illustrated by clichés.

The one that interests me for blogging purposes is the third one, the one with tiny men wielding sledgehammers and going at it on that poor woman’s head.

Polvo – Enemy Insects

7 thoughts on “Weleda Migraine Remedy ads

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  1. mean guys, indeed!
    My first thought was “Boy, will there be a reckoning after that!”
    Re: your comments about being 1 mi. tall, seeing the footsteps would be a nice sight from a plane, yes.
    I’d even enjoy being in the company of a planet-sized lady, if there was a way to not get lost in a fingerprint, or not fall into the pores of her skin.
    Although such a scenario would make contact and conversation a bit difficult… -_-‘


    1. Hahah! I thought that as well. Even a gentle woman would not stand for that sort of behavior, and she would have to put down her foot.

      I bet someone has written a wonderful story about getting lost in a fingerprint, or having an adventure down the skin pore of a giantess that size. If someone hasn’t written such a story, then someone should.

      And the story should include many conversations between that giantess and her infinitesimal, relatively microbe-sized man.

      OK, maybe I should write that story. I’ll put it on my planet-sized to-do list. :)


  2. Jackhammers. Not sledgehammers. I don’t think this is what Peter Gabriel had in mind, but then what do I know?


    1. :o Wow, thanks Petronius! All these years in the U.S. and not once did it occur to me to google “sledgehammer,” or to perhaps look it up in the dictionary. I had those two confused, and if it wasn’t for you I still would.

      Well, eventually I might have figured it out. Maybe. I mean, if the dozens of sledgehammer appearances in Peter Gabriel’s seizure-inducing video didn’t do it, I don’t know what it would have taken to spontaneously get the concept.

      I think the video is about puppies.


  3. I get the construction workers and the hounds, but is that medication implying it can also resolve personal demons, demonic possession, or schizophrenia? That’s a pretty proud claim, but I guess they wouldn’t make it if it weren’t true.

    On the other hand, there’s no need for a cure for tiny men. One simply sweeps them up and stores them in a shoebox, or a rubber-gasketed jar (if they’re very naughty), or… does all sorts of things with them. I guess you can’t really breed them to cultivate a generation of docile tiny men.

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    1. I never saw it that way. I’m sure the TV commercial voiceover would list all possible side effects, which of course would include demonic possession, the same way medication ads list horrendous-sounding side effects that sound worse than the original illness.

      Docile tiny men? Despite the “I’m your faithful slave” t-shirt claim, there’s no such thing. It’s an interesting idea for a story. Genetic engineering, and all that. I’m sure no one has thought of it a million times already.

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