I never type or say "w00t", but I'm kinda happy I finished a collage after all these weeks of not being able to go anywhere near Photoshop, and it simply erupted from within. I want you to know I'm being very good and not posting it until I'm sure I'm done with it. If you... Continue Reading →

MODS ads

  MODS is an image retouching or editing company in Sweden, and a few days ago I found their series of ads that show a very small worker altering images as though they provide third-dimensional interaction. He's small enough to enter what's classified as a micro, a man so reduced in size he's rendered difficult... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – Q is for Questions

When this out-of-the-ordinary giantess comes to town... ...Q is for Questions. People arrive in droves to her side, some to gawk, others to report, and soon the rapid-fire questions begin, from the unoriginal to the downright rude, or the insane: "Wow, how tall are you?" "Are you cruel, or gentle?" "What do you do to... Continue Reading →


Life gives you little moments, that's for sure. Tonight I was having dinner, and I spotted a fly zooming around the room. I'm disgusted by the idea of any bug going anywhere near what's taken for nourishment, so I set off to kill the filthy bug. I could not find it, but afterwards I was... Continue Reading →

Menicure, not manicure!

Last night I was reading MattyBoy's latest Math post, in which he used a ladder to illustrate his point. So I'm reading about the ladder and given how my mind lives in the gutter- in fact, sometimes I think the gutter is in my mind, but never mind. So I'm thinking a ladder is what... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – N is for No

N is for No. "No" is what a man might say to a giantess when she makes her way into a city without a care for the streets her giant steps crack, the cars she crushes underneath her heedless soles, the people she terrifies. When her purpose is destructive, he intercedes for those that are... Continue Reading →

Nothing to report

I figure this old image has been seen by shrinking and giantess fans at least three million times. I live in the back, so I only spotted it a few days ago. Shirley you understand I had to sneak it in here and show it to y'all. I'm not sure if it's an ad, but... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – K is for Kisses

K is for Kisses, the giant ones that cover his body all at once as he feels them not only on his face but also through the squeezing of my fingers as they close around him just a little bit tighter. I know that if I don't hold on to him just that much more,... Continue Reading →

That thing I did over at that place…

That place being Giantess.com. There was this game I concocted using letters of the alphabet. I first played it at Shrinking Fantasies dot something (anybody remember that place?), and even though there were only about four people that visited that board, the game thread got a pretty decent response. I then played it a couple... Continue Reading →

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