That thing I did over at that place…

That place being There was this game I concocted using letters of the alphabet. I first played it at Shrinking Fantasies dot something (anybody remember that place?), and even though there were only about four people that visited that board, the game thread got a pretty decent response. I then played it a couple of times at GDC, and every time I was extremely diverted at the varied and colorful imagination of the participating members.

The thread was about letters of the alphabet. I started with “a”, introduced a word that began with it, and constructed a mini-story using that word. Of course the story had to do with giantesses or shrunken men or both. The next person followed with “b”, and his own little scene, and so on until we reached “z”, and started it all over again from “a”. Quite a few people got in on the action, so that each game had some serious amount of participation.

I was thinking about it last night as I prepared some chicken marinade. I was thinking about what to add to my blog now that I don’t have a lot of time to create entries, so those games popped into my mind. Clever chit that I am, I saved them, so here’s something from one of them accompanied by a collage I haven’t created, but that I insist goes well with it.

“Veranda01swd” by Theth

P is for Peaceful, the gentle giantess that covers the shape of little homes with her rounded shadow, and within the sphere of her protection and tender care for those weak and small. She treads roads and streets as softly as she can with feet as large as trucks, cracking the pavement anyway, but she’s forgiven quickly by those that must speed off and repair those giant zigzagging openings on the ground, because they know she’s there for them.

Softly she bends to peer into buildings and homes, smiling to see little scenes of daily life that fascinate her in their impossible size, or making her rise her eyebrows if she witnesses violence, which always stops when its perpetrator feels the wind stir and become warmer around them as she focuses her attention and temporary anger. Peaceful even in the discipline she dispenses, quiet in the justice she administers to those she catches committing violent crimes… those that are never seen again.

Her voice is soft, her demeanor calm, her life uneventful, until a violent giantess invades her territory. Then all hell breaks lose as they fight, no building is left standing, and hundreds of thousands of people die crushed as the two battle. But at least it happens in the name of Peace.

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  1. It’s a shame there’s no way of playing this game within your blog.

    I can see how that collage would go well with your story. She is after all peering in to the home and life of one of her little charges.

    Or is she about to dispense her unique form of justice against him? Who can tell?


  2. Hi Pedro! I was thinking I’d make it a weekly installment, or at worst monthly if I make it a point to use my own collages.

    Though if weekly, it would be a perfect way to share all the images in my collection. I’d be the only one playing the game, but I still think it could be fun.

    Hmm, I think that little man is behaving, so no harm will come to him… but we don’t know what might happen to him tomorrow, especially if tonight he leaves the toilet seat up, or steals cookies from the jar, or any such heinous crime.


  3. Toilet seat, huh? Little men’s bathroom habits are a seldom explored topic, and probably with good cause!

    However they work, it seems unlikely that he’d be leaving your toilet seat up, unless he’s got some kind of complicated system of pulleys for raising and lowering the seat. And even then I’m pretty sure he’d only need to lift the lid and not the seat to pee.

    And we haven’t even got onto the risk of him falling in.

    Yup, I think it’d have to be the litter tray in the corner for most little guys.


    1. There’s no topic I leave unexplored, good sir. :)

      One of the wonderful things about these fantasies is that a giantess can discipline a normal-sized man for things he does in his own home that have zero impact in her life. There will be consequences to leaving his own toilet seat up, even though her toilet seat is lowered and fine way up over here where giantesses have bathrooms.

      It’s the principle of the thing.

      And shrunken men? If a little guy goes to the bathroom, there are rules he must follow as well, or else. There are so many rules I suppose every once in a while they must rebel and exact some sort of crazy revenge:


  4. I liked that story!
    It even seems real.
    A giant protectress destroying the town/city in defence against an invader, is not really that different from the wars that we wage. The exception being the size difference o’ course.
    As to housing, I’m sure that most people wouldn’t mind their tax dollars going to provide for some nice Lady that will protect the state/province/territory.


    1. Hi Little John, and thank you! That’s very similar to thoughts I’ve had regarding past and present wars, and the way the tide would turn if giantesses were to enlist and play a role in attacking or defending a land. It would make things one sided very quickly.

      Even when the invader is another giantess, in my mind I always win, of course. :)


  5. On that note, you really need to see Monsters VS Aliens. In 3D, if available. I’m not even going to say anything more about it, just see it. I can tell, it’ll be right up your alley.


    1. Hello Dharker Syde, and yes, I really need to see that movie. I’m not sure I’m going to get the chance to see it in the theater, but in the end it will probably end as part of my DVD collection.

      The few seconds I’ve watched certainly show they could have emerged from my own imagination. I had a dream recently that a romantic comedy about a giantess was released; now I’m gonna hope it was a prophetic dream.


      1. Dude, you still google your own name, don’t you?! :D

        I can see you still visit giantess sites, but don’t appear to be active. Say hi sometime! There are three of us that miss you. Maybe two. :P


  6. Sometimes I wish I could look back in a theater when certain types of movies are played, and see if I can spot giantess fans just by the delicate string of drool dangling from a corner of their mouth.

    Sometimes I wish I could see myself, just to make sure I’m adequately hiding what I’m feeling when I see certain commercials or movie parts.

    A few weeks ago I was watching a Cary Grant movie and a little man came out of a cuckoo clock, but I think I wasted a perfect opportunity to practice my poker face.


  7. I love this post. That bit about the gentle giantess is what made me think you might be interested in the game I’m working on. Even though it’s only in the planning stages. It’s about a kindly giantess queen who rules over her territory. Building it up and defending it from evil giantesses.

    I didn’t know you were a member at, I was so sad when that place shut down.

    Anyway, I hope you are well.


    1. Thank you Disthron. Your game sounds like it’s right “up” my alley. I can’t wait until you release it!

      Yes, I was a member at GDC, although then I went by the name of “Shrinking Violet”. It was a sad day when Oz set it on fire, but I understood.

      I hope you are well too! :)


      1. Shrinking Violet!! Now I know who you are. ^_^

        I’m glad you are doing well. I mostly hang out at giantess city these days but I really miss GDC. I even still catch myself typing in the URL sometimes when I log onto my PC. You know, it was the first forum I ever joined.


        1. Oh? I think the first forum I ever joined was :lol: What a zoo that was. Never managed to get banned from there, but how amazing it was when Oz “skulled” me. Good times!

          Yessss I know exactly what you mean. My browser autofill kept loading “” for months after it went down, before I gave up and cleared it. :(


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