Nothing to report

Good luck, Lobot.
Good luck, Lobot.

I figure this old image has been seen by shrinking and giantess fans at least three million times. I live in the back, so I only spotted it a few days ago. Shirley you understand I had to sneak it in here and show it to y’all. I’m not sure if it’s an ad, but it was taken by Helmut Newton, who clearly had a giantess fetish, or maybe a G.I. Joe fetish.

Either way, I like the image despite its blatant display of shoes I would not be caught comatose wearing, and because I’m the proud owner of a G.I. Joe sex toy myself. It reminds me of scenes in that movie I have yet to go see, Monsters vs. Aliens, and it reminds me of the humor in that sort of situation.

Ya know, a little guy with a puny weapon who thinks he can take on a woman many times his size, and before you can say “squish”, he is. In my mind, bullets of any caliber only tickle. In fact, missiles, aircraft, meteorites, alien mother ships, hurling planets, swirling galaxies, they all tickle when they make impact on the skin of a giantess the various sizes I’ve imagined myself to be.

And I like his Lobot gear. What sort of input would a shrunken man get through that sort of apparatus? “Proximity warning! Alert! Alert! Danger is afoot! Warning, warnihhffzzggh- “. I’ve mentioned to you before I’m not fond of violently crushing a little man, but every once in a while I’m in a position that helps me see the bright side in that sort of situation, particularly when I’m dealing with people that say one thing and act another, or refuse to provide me with excellent customer service, or sell me something that will break after one use.

In other news, I love my friends even though they send me endless email forwards, and choose to date / marry the wrong person, and go through silly and unnecessary cosmetic “enhancements”, and make me add one Facebook application after another.

Tell no one I reached level 17 in Mafia Wars. It’s our little secret, yes?

This is my song this week:

(Update as of Thursday, September 14, 2017: And the YouTube video is no longer available. I don’t remember what song it was that I liked, but considering it was April 2009, it was probably something anthemic and empowering. Also, I threw away my doll. It’s probably thriving in a landfill, creating its own community of abandoned sex toys; preparing its troops for an invasion.)

(Since I’m obsessed with July Talk, this is my song this week:)


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    1. Isn’t he the coolest? I can still remember that moment I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first time, and Lobot “awakened” to act on behalf of Lando.

      Still, my favorite more-machine-than-man character will always be Darth Vader. For some inexplicable reason I really enjoy those Flickr images that show him as a shrunken Sith moving about the alien environment of a much larger home:

      Meow Wars


  1. I think there’s very little within the Giantess / Shrunken Man sphere that isn’t improved with the addition of humour. It takes the silghtly horrible edge off the squashing of little men, like in the classic and wonderful Belmondo commercial…

    OK, it’s not really “men”, but the effect’s the same. :-)

    Oh and those silver shoes in that pic really ARE terrible! :-)


  2. Hi Pedro, and thank you for the link to that commercial! I had not seen it until now. I had not even heard of it, and that’s not only shocking on the shrinking level, but also on the shoe level.

    Some of the Belmondo shoe designs are quite fantastic, and we agree that cannot be said about the silver shoes. If I’m ever in Europe I’ll keep an eye out for that brand.


  3. While I like the look of stacked or stiletto heels, I also like the look of running shoes. On the other hand, I dislike wedge, and platform heels, especially espadrilles. Kitten heels make me want to rip my eyeballs out.

    I’m not as negatory on these space-age walkers as you are though, I think they look kinda good! There, I said it, commence the shunning.

    Women’s footwear occupies my mind a lot when I’m making my pictures. Would a world run by women have uncomfortable and sometimes impractical footwear for them? Maybe you could answer that question. :D


  4. Hi trinket!

    As you wish. We were just gonna whisper behind your back during parties and stuff, because of your problematic stance on nylons, :lol: but now we are gonna have to take it up a notch, and start casting dirty looks, and leaving you the bad hors d’œuvre!

    Actually, the shoe design is alright. I have pairs of running shoes, sneakers, etc., and I like them well enough. It’s the silver that seems icky. It’s too shiny and smooth. I have a pair of silver boots that have a lovely patina that makes them look a bit on the classier side, and also a pair of textured golden sandals.

    As to your good question, the answer is both! When I rule the universe my legions of giantesses will be just as likely to be shod in Birkenstocks as they will be in stiletto heels, killer boots, mary janes, flip-flops, etc.

    But no shiny silver shoes. :P


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