The ABCs Game – N is for No

“Push” by SpawnGTS

N is for No.

“No” is what a man might say to a giantess when she makes her way into a city without a care for the streets her giant steps crack, the cars she crushes underneath her heedless soles, the people she terrifies. When her purpose is destructive, he intercedes for those that are weak, and meets her path. He waves his arms to try to gain her attention, and says, “No! Stop! Get off the streets, move along, beat it!” It’s a tall order.

“No” is what he says when he’s decided to do what’s right. He’s no simpering weakling that mops the ground she walks on with thoughtless adoration. His knees might feel weak by the way the earth shakes, but his respect is earned by her good will, and a lack thereof only means he’ll puff up his little chest, gather his determination and courage, and march out to do what he must to make her see that her actions have consequences.

I’m not sure how he’ll do that, given that he’s the size of a bug, and if she’s mad or cruel, she’ll simply step on him on her way to the sexiest building.

A sensible giantess, as used as she is of thinking little of everything and everyone around her, will bend low and strain to listen to his little squeaks, and know that such a man measures up… to her ankle, but to the heavens as well, in valor and awareness of responsibility. A destructive giantess will make it impossible for me to ignore her, and leave me no choice but to grow, and destroy her in an epic battle that will flatten several counties. The irony is irresistible.

“No!” is also what a shrunken man might say on days like these, when reattaching buttons to delicate blouses with a needle as big as a lance, polishing shoes as large as monuments, wiping the smudges off prongs and precious stones and jewelry, become soft, curved, gentle, womanly tasks; shrinking chores; humiliating duties that speak of his infinitesimal size.

No! he says.

“No?” she asks.

You heard me. No.

“Those are your chores. Complete them.”

Make me.

“As you wish.”

* * *

*When I saved the image above by SpawnGTS, I neglected to save the title, as it is my habit. If anyone knows it, please let me know what it is so I may update the image caption. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “The ABCs Game – N is for No

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  1. Wonderful post, as always. You do paint a beautiful world. :-)

    It’s a brave little guy who’ll put his lady in her place when the situation calls for it.

    Braver still to stubbornly refuse to perform the tasks she’s entrusted him with. Though I think when he says, ‘make me”, that’s exactly what he wants her to do. Although I’m not sure how she would go about it.



    1. Thank you Pedro!

      Since I read Jack and the Beanstalk when I was a child, the notion of a brave little guy began to form in my head: not one that would steal from an oafish giant, but instead would face a much taller woman to whom he’d also be tremendously attracted.

      There’s an incredible chemistry (at least in my head) when all those factors combine with his vulnerability, and what might happen after she moves past his element of surprise, and other things.

      Hmm… no, I have no idea how she’d make him do anything either. :D


  2. When spawngts posted the collage on Giantesscity, he called it ‘push’. In the same post, he commented “There are a few flaws because my comp crashed before I could put the finishing touches in. Too much of the .psd file was lost.”

    I know the feeling. On a recent collage, I did about an hour of modification but foolishly never saved the work; you can guess what happened next.


    1. Thank you Shrinkee! :)

      And I know the feeling all too well, not only from having my Photoshop application suddenly fail me (my Mac doesn’t crash :) ), but also, in the beginning of time, when I started collaging, I would flatten sections of my image when I’d –erroneously– think I was done with them.

      Now I obsessively save every few minutes, or every time I make any convoluted set of changes to an image.

      Not only that, but every time I make a major change, I create a duplicate layer just in case something happens, like an accidental save followed by a crash when I’d be stuck with changes I wouldn’t be happy with, for example.


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