Menicure, not manicure!

Because more than one little man is necessary.
Because more than one little man is necessary.

Last night I was reading MattyBoy’s latest Math post, in which he used a ladder to illustrate his point. So I’m reading about the ladder and given how my mind lives in the gutter- in fact, sometimes I think the gutter is in my mind, but never mind.

So I’m thinking a ladder is what a shrunken man needs to climb up to those hard-to-reach places that are a woman’s… well, every part of a woman except her toes and heels, because every once in a while she grows so tall even the arch of her foot is a distant domed ceiling. Anyway, I was thinking about that, and then just a few minutes ago I tripped on the Flickr image above.

It’s fun when the universe conspires to divert me. Thank you, universe.

There are other similar images (just a few) in the author‘s photostream, if you wish to take a gander. Here’s another effective use of a ladder I really like.

“Ideas32” by Kassandra

2 thoughts on “Menicure, not manicure!

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  1. Now a ladder would indeed be very useful, unless:

    1. …your large lady is the fidgety sort who won’t keep still. You don’t want to get nearly to the top of the ladder, only for her to get distracted by something and walk away, leaving you teetering, then clattering to the floor!

    2. …your large lady likes to keep you at toe-height for a reason. Perhaps it’s a punishment, perhaps she just has beliefs about a man’s proper place, or perhaps she’s wanting you to get used to your new height.

    Also, while I do like that pic of the two little guys painting her nails, I’m really not a fan of SHARING a giantess with another guy. Sure it makes tasks such as that one all the more work for a little guy, but at least she feels like she’s yours. Or more accurately, you feel like you’re the only one who’s hers. :-)


    1. Hi Pedro!

      There will certainly be occasions during which a ladder is nothing more than a prop to further the sort of situation in which a man might be made to feel smaller than he already is. As you mention, the woman might choose to leave where she is, and whatever her little guy was attempting to do will become a comedic display for his tall lady to watch over her shoulder as she departs. I’m not sure he’ll hear his own spilling onto the floor over her thunderous giggles.

      But other times the woman might be napping, reading a magazine, or watching a movie. I’ve also figured a giantess will need manicures and pedicures just as much as any normal-sized woman would, and when she makes an appointment to have her nails done, ladders (and more than one beautician) will be part of the tools required to get the job done.

      I’m not a fan of sharing either! Still, much to my surprise I’ve accumulated material for giant-couple scenarios, which cause me to do a mental double take every time I think about them. Sometimes I don’t know what goes on in that undersquid head.


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