The ABCs Game – Q is for Questions

“18-LookingForGTSGallery” by Gcode

When this out-of-the-ordinary giantess comes to town…

Q is for Questions. People arrive in droves to her side, some to gawk, others to report, and soon the rapid-fire questions begin, from the unoriginal to the downright rude, or the insane:

“Wow, how tall are you?”

“Are you cruel, or gentle?”

“What do you do to little guys like us?”

“Can you step on me?”

“Will you eat me?”

The cacophony is the same everywhere she visits. She closes her eyes, often wincing, and almost smiles to herself when she thinks of what would happen if she stood to full height and stomped her foot angrily, saying, “HELLO TO YOU TOO! NICE TO MEET YOU. SO, HOW ABOUT ASKING MY NAME FIRST?”

The questions would stop, and she would have some peace, at least momentarily. Instead, she remembers to be patient, to know that not often do people say the wisest thing when their minds and eyes are overwhelmed by an astounding sight. She knows that’s what she is. She smiles openly now and readies her first answer when she notices him.

Q is for Quiet, the silent man all the way in the back, the one that carries a single flower, a gift that shows he’s the type that likes to give and not to take. She forgets what she was going to say, enthralled as she is with his face, his smile, and the way he holds that single bloom she knows will get lost between the pinch of her digits.

Q is for Quintuple, those shapes that now descend for him, crossing that chasm between them, over the crowd’s voices and street. Five Amazonian fingers and thumb, all longer than he is tall, not grabbing, but respectfully draping like the thickest rug on the ground for him to climb, so she may lift him to her and leave the rest behind.

* * *

In the Gcode collage I picked for this entry there isn’t a crowd milling about staring at the giantess, but it’s one of my favorite ones by him, and it’s close to what I see in my heart as the visit of a giantess. In my mind, she isn’t a mad creature that likes to stomp on people or devour them. She likes to spend time with the little ones, to enjoy the visions they offer her with their infinitesimal lives, and to go home leaving them unharmed.

Most of the time, anyway.

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  1. Ooh, how the majority of my gender make me cringe with embarrassment with the way they behave in these contexts. I’m working on a blog post specifically about that.

    I just hope that on forums I come across as more the little guy at the back, rather than one of the throng of adoring idiocy. :)


    1. Hi Pedro,

      When I wrote the above (something like two years ago, or longer), I had in mind the notion of a traveling giantess, one that by virtue of the places she visits, gets to see all sorts of people.

      I think most people would be nice to her, but there are also the kind of people that would shoot at her with their guns because they think she’s some kind of monster, the groups that demand she wear “decent” sort of clothing, the factions that would see her as a harbinger of Armageddon, the curious crowds of normal people like us, and the wackos.

      I’ve been fortunate in my experience with the giantess community, and that’s because most people I’ve encountered are perfectly lovely. That was true both in chat rooms, and at the boards.

      My outlook on that has always been that the great minority of persons that behave obnoxiously are just as easy to discard from my sphere of attention as a tiny mosquito is to crush. The giantess I write about feels the same way: little ones can’t possibly bother her. She’s too tall for that.

      Every once in a while she feels exasperated, but it passes quickly. :)

      I look forward to your next blog entry!


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