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MODS is an image retouching or editing company in Sweden, and a few days ago I found their series of ads that show a very small worker altering images as though they provide third-dimensional interaction.

He’s small enough to enter what’s classified as a micro, a man so reduced in size he’s rendered difficult to see. Every once in a while I’m in the mood for micro, although I reiterate (for no reason besides my enjoyment in doing so) that my favorite height in a shrunken man is two little inches.

I instantly assume this shrunken person is human, male, and exactly my type. I’d need a magnifying glass to discover every manner in which he’s my type, but it’s more fun that way.

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  1. Hmmm, I think perhaps that kind of micro size is just a little too small for my liking. Although, the guy does look cool next to her lips…

    The way the three pictures are arranged on the page, with the lips underneath, looks a little like a some grotesque creature!

    I agree that about two inches is more or less right. All features still clearly discernable to the naked eye, can just about be handled without breaking, but also looks so fragile, delicate and utterly unable to survive on his own.


    1. Ah, but I arranged them just so they would look grotesque! It might seem counterproductive in the ways of blogging, but when I saw them in order in the wordpress image library (eye followed by nose and teeth below) I couldn’t help but laugh at the creature that emerged. And you saw it too, hahah!

      And yes, the little man is quite small, surely too small for some preferences. I think it’s a perfect size for a few settings I really like, whether he is that size, or ends up looking that size because the woman is a mega giantess.

      I remember when I thought one-half, or one-third sizes were “too large”, but after a few Theth and Trinket collages I began to see something that wasn’t there before, in a size that wasn’t to my liking. You too will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. :lol:


  2. Rafal Olbinski has a painting called Friendly Persuasion on this theme. He has a few others I’d bet you’d like.


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