I never type or say “w00t”, but I’m kinda happy I finished a collage after all these weeks of not being able to go anywhere near Photoshop, and it simply erupted from within.

I want you to know I’m being very good and not posting it until I’m sure I’m done with it.

If you collage, then you also know that some of us are never truly “done” with an image, and if allowed free reign (and intravenous feeding and a catheter) we’d be tweaking them until the end of time.

But every once in a while I complete a collage and upload it right away, only to discover I forgot to create that one last shadow, or to blend some little corner; then I have to delete the image and correct the initial file, reupload, blah blah blah. It’s annoying.

So I’m gonna stare at it for a few days just to be sure it’s really as done as it’s gonna get.

What makes my heart pound about it is that I started it way back in November 2006, and it’s finally done. It’s so old my old signature was a layer:
Old Sig
Those little dots are stars, because the image is one of those unusual ultra giantesses I like to churn out every once in a blue moon.

Actually, what really makes my heart pound is what I’ve been imagining while collaging, about being that size.

2 thoughts on “W00t!

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  1. Tease! You know you’re just setting up an unhealthily large expectation from your readers, right? :)


    1. Hi Shrinkee!

      My readers are very small, so there’s no possible way they can perform any sizable task, let alone do anything unhealthily large. :lol:

      What I’d like to know is why they keep clicking on that signature image above. There’s nothing hidden behind it!

      Alas, I’m also committing self-teasicide; it’s difficult to continue to peek at my image without posting it. :)


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