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Last night, instead of going to sleep, I went to my blog's admin area and inspected the terms visitors used to find my blog. Doing that causes me to do my own searches every once in a while, just to see what comes up under the blanket of certain terms. Last night I thought to... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – B is for Brownies

B is for Brownies. I published this recipe on my old blog about eighteen months ago. I only have a few old ABCs entries left to publish, and playing the game—even if only by myself—means I will be following the order of the letters of the alphabet from this point on when I create new entries... Continue Reading →

Samsung MP3 Player ads

These ads are disappointing in various ways: 1. The female presence is sorely lacking. What's the meaning of that, Samsung people? Don't you know I now begin to feel the want for an MP3 player, and because you didn't have the foresight to include a womanly ear in which to place your little guys, I... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – A is for Amazon

A is for Amazon, the tallest woman found in reality, one we can see with our eyes, and not only our imagination. Her height gives her power, and she not only accepts it, she embraces and utilizes it fully with every pounding step she takes. Wherever she goes, she draws eyes, some in shock, fear,... Continue Reading →

A giant cat for a giant woman

When I found this image of a cat looking up at a flock of birds, I thought it was adorable, and I saved it. I thought it would make for a great lolz giantess image. The perspective makes me imagine it's a giant kitty, one that follows the earth-shattering footsteps of her owner everywhere she... Continue Reading →

Telia ads

I found these ads at Ads of the World as I have found others. While the existence of an ad doesn't mean it was ever put to publicity use, it's still nice to see that in many places there are creative people thinking about these things, and seeing potential in the visual message of size... Continue Reading →

In other news…

A few days ago there was a tiny black ant creeping on my DVD player's remote control. I had placed the latter next to my keyboard when I spotted the little thing carrying a crumb. I don't know what came over me, but I decided to flick it off to the floor. I did, but... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother's Day!

Were-rabbit my @$$. What? You know you thought about it too. Bring us the size-different claymation porn, film industry! I'll be back later to delete these terribly crass words and compose a sensible message. In the meantime, call your mother. :) (A week later...) As it turns out, I won't be deleting any words from... Continue Reading →

Rafał Olbiński's Friendly Persuasion

A comment by Petronius in this entry brought to my attention the works of Rafał Olbiński. I know some of us enjoy not only stories and collages about giantesses and shrunken men, but other types of media as well. For my part I love books, and I love art; and I combine those and collect... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s Game – E is for Elusive

This is old, nearly five years old. How time flies. E is for Elusive, which is what my tiny man becomes when I call him to me because it's time to get to work. Sometimes I need him to sharpen my drawing pencils with his tiny whittling knife, others it is my shoes that need... Continue Reading →

Soho High Heels ads

These ads are glorious. I'm not sure if "Soho" is the brand or the distributor, and the website doesn't make it any clearer; nor do Internet search results that show either possibility could be the answer. There's a Soho Lab brand of shoes, a Skechers offspring, and any fool can see they are not as... Continue Reading →

Adventures in collaging: example files

The two images that accompany this entry are extremely low-res, and for a reason. Back when I had the old blog at, there was a series of entries I began to develop titled, "Adventures in collaging". In the two that I was able to post I discussed a couple of collaging aspects: splashes (as... Continue Reading →

Honey, I Shrunk the Mummy

Back in the admin area of my blog there's a section where I can see the search terms that people use when they find it. I saw that someone had searched for the keyword "shrunk". Curious, I conducted a Google search to see what popped up, since in the past I've always been more likely... Continue Reading →


I think ultra giantesses get a bum rap. I've read arguments at the boards about interaction, and how it becomes increasingly difficult as the giantess rises in height. While such concern for realism is touching, I'm going to have to say that the very moment one begins to fantasize about beings of drastically different sizes,... Continue Reading →

Comedy Central ads

I found this set of ads that was released recently for Comedy Central. I don't watch cable TV, and I haven't seen a Comedy Central show (aside from The Colbert Report) in years, but when I saw them at Ads of the World, they spoke to me for some mysterious reason. Who knows what that... Continue Reading →

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