They're all good.
They’re all good.

I was poking around the Series of Tubes looking for sexy ads with shrunken men in them, and instead I found something* about relationships that made me roll my eyes. and then imagine my own, as I often do. So I saved it, made a series of spectacular improvements, and now I present it to you.

  1. In both cases, male and female, this represents a relationship with your hand as compared with the examples that follow. Calling it “bad” is extreme, considering how often men and women engage in entanglements with their hand even if there’s someone special in their lives. A woman in that universe in which little men are available would still do better to go out and buy one at the nearest iPet store.

  2. Of course I think my natural inclination is more than “alright”. A woman and a man, and just one of each, is great! But I’m looking at it through the glass of my fantasies. The Undersquid that lives there thinks that normal-sized men are nice, but shrinking a man very small and carrying him to her bedroom where she proceeds to manhandle him in a thousand wonderful ways is what she prefers.

  3. What I just mentioned. This is the basis of everything that takes place in my mind. There’s one woman, and one shrunken man. He’s very special, and every day she lets him know she’s aware of how wonderful he is. Alright, plenty of times they are just writhing in the sack… but there’s always something, some little sign that shows them both there is no one else they’d prefer in bed.

  4. Forget everything I just said. No, the above is truly the core of my thoughts, but there’s this collage I’ll be working on until the year 3009, about a woman, and a little guy, and… a man. The elements for it kinda fell into my lap. The initial image showed a woman and a man about to kiss, so I thought I’d shrink the man and have the woman bend low for a sweet kiss. She’s grabbing his shirt with a coiled fist that suddenly looked great for a handheld collage, and months ago I found a man that looks down in a grumpy, concerned manner. Somehow, a story began to unravel in my head.

  5. The last sign shows what I think Snow White should really be about. Forget the prince. Who the hell does he think he is, arriving suddenly and taking her away from her lovers friends? When I was very small, I actually thought the “dwarfs” were little men only a few inches in height. I was about two or three years old when my mom first read me the story, and although I couldn’t vocalize it, I clearly recall thinking about these seven tiny men, and wondering how in the world Snow White could fit in their beds, even if they were all lined up together. Needless to say, I was enraged when she left with that normal-sized jerk.

*I didn’t initially spot it at deviantART, but here‘s the original image I finally found at the creator’s page.

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  1. #3 – awwwwwww…. that’s what’s nice about your fantasy, I think. Many others who dally in the giantess/ sm world are all about the stomping and the eating and the death and the blood and gore and glaven! It’s nice that those of us w/o whatever it is that makes a person into that have a place to go. :)


    1. Hi Qunittt, and thank you! When I started frequenting giantess boards… no, even before that, when I started looking at giantess material, I wondered about the more violent shades of these fantasies.

      Though I still think hard vore is hilarious, and as a giantess I would put stomping to good use (namely as a method of disciplining corporate executives, swindlers, politicians and the worst of them all: pundits), I much prefer the softer, gentler side of things.

      And of course I much prefer creating content that demonstrates it… although every once in a while there are going to be some shadier entries. ;)


  2. I think it’s obvious to anyone who knows a little about me that I much prefer your version. I’m looking forward to seeing your giant couple collage, even though full-sized men don’t generally show up in my fantasies, I still think it would work and paint a pleasing and amusing scenario.

    Speaking of Snow White and her Seven Little Men, I assume you have seen this video:

    Your comment at the end made me think of it.


    1. Thank you trinket! Yes, I have seen the Rammstein video, fan as I am of their music. I got it on the Lichtspielhaus DVD before knowing about the video content, and you can imagine what I thought when I finally watched it.

      Visually it’s a fantastic treat of size ratio; although I don’t much care for the way she treats the little ones, but if they don’t seem to mind, then I suppose I’ll have to let it slide. :P


  3. I found your blog while reading trinket999’s.

    I have some poorly written erotica laying around the web. You’ve possibly seen it here and there.

    Anyways your image “guess where the 7th one is” sent my mind to a wonderful place. Thanks :)


    1. Hi Horuvex! It’s very nice to say hello to you here. I’ve seen your stories! I doubt anybody thinks they are poorly written, given their popularity. :)

      You are welcome, and thank you for the comment. Guessing (or knowing) where the 7th one is puts a smile on my face every time.


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