The ABC's Game – A is for Anchor

"pickup_ship" by ??
"pickup_ship" by ??

A is for Anchor, the very thing I need after a growth spurt.

At 203’5″ in height, my mirrors are glass-covered buildings, and the streets that divide them the narrow paths I tread carefully, gentle giantess that I am.

To feel so tall, to see it all from up here makes me giggle with delight, and I always forget what happens when I giggle: I grow!

By the time I’ve regained composure, I’ve grown a few dozen feet, and my slightly shredded blouse has lost its buttons, tabletop-sized projectiles that have pierced walls here, landed on a pizza delivery boy there. Oops.

I move quickly as I hold those tattered remnants together and make my way to the pier, where I spot my Little One’s boat bobbing gently in the water as he gets ready to drop what I need.

I smile at him as I pinch the boat’s tiny anchor by the shank, and I lift it to mend my blouse, hooking two loose ends with its curved arms. It works perfectly!

But what dangles from my chest now?

* * *


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