Comedy Central ads

Giant Sarah Silverman
Giant Sarah Silverman

I found this set of ads that was released recently for Comedy Central. I don’t watch cable TV, and I haven’t seen a Comedy Central show (aside from The Colbert Report) in years, but when I saw them at Ads of the World, they spoke to me for some mysterious reason. Who knows what that might be.


  1. One of the ads displays a giantess. There’s no mistaking it for anything else. There’s a giantess, and she’s very tall, so large she towers over the city. I want to go to a large (to others, not to me) city under those exact circumstances: giantess, towering, city-as-my-playground type stuff.
  2. That’s a toy-sized London, given the height of the giantess. It has a great skyline, and visiting London is on my bucket list.
  3. If I were to grow that tall, she would be the sort of evil —or mad— giantess I would be forced to destroy in an epic battle that would be remembered for centuries to come. Why? Because I’m the kind of giantess that doesn’t allow bad things to happen to innocent buildings.
  4. She’s a brunette, and so am I. I can look at the image as I squint a bit, and see myself in her place, with darker skin and decent clothes, of course.
  5. There’s something to seeing ads like these that makes me feel someday there will be a movie about a shrunken man and a woman that fall in love. I know it’s a big stretch, but I’m good at those. Well, I would be if I could grow.


  1. The giantess is Sarah Silverman, for whom I don’t care much as a comedienne. I don’t dislike her, but I thought her SNL stint was nondescript, quite forgettable. I’ve never watched her show, and I probably never will.
  2. She needs to step away from that building. The way she’s looking at it reminds me of things I’ve spoken of before. Terrible things.
  3. For that reason, if I were to grow that tall, she would be the sort of evil —or mad— giantess I would be forced to destroy in an epic battle that would be remembered for centuries- oh, wait. That’s a good thing.
  4. What? She’s wearing a bikini and Steve Carell is not in a thong? What gives, justice of the world? Why can’t there be equality in ads? Get rid of the suit, and have him wear a loincloth! Don’t make me go down there. I swear I’ll turn this planet around. :mad:

More pros than cons! Whoopie! Here’s giant Kenny and Steve Carell.

* * *

And the people to blame (or thank) for these ads are:

Advertising Agency: Karmarama, London, UK
Creative Director / Art Director: Dave Buonaguidi
Copywriter: Sarah McGregor
Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein
Published: April 2009

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  1. Well, for my part, I like the Sarah Silverman ad. It doesn’t make me think of the whole sex with buildings thing, it makes me think of her making size jokes about Matt Damon to the crowd of people gathered around.

    Somehow I just don’t see Ms. Silverman as the evil rampaging giantess type.

    You can still fight her though. :D

    PS loincloth Steve Carell is far more amusing than office-wear Steve Carell. In the ad agency’s defense, I would think they were focusing on his character in The Office. And Ms. Silverman’s appearance in underwear is due to her schtick as a foul-mouthed sexually-liberated woman. Yes, that’s the ticket.


  2. Oh, I like the ad too, or it wouldn’t exist here as an entry. Her facial expression is too comedic to honestly make me think she would have some seriously evil designs on that building, but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to be a little facetious about it. :)

    I must warn you, however: looks can be deceiving, and evil rampaging giantesses come in all shapes and faces. I’d love to fight her, but I don’t think there’s enough baby oil (or mud) in the world for such a death match!


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