She's neither cold, nor cold-hearted.
She's neither cold, nor cold-hearted

I think ultra giantesses get a bum rap. I’ve read arguments at the boards about interaction, and how it becomes increasingly difficult as the giantess rises in height. While such concern for realism is touching, I’m going to have to say that the very moment one begins to fantasize about beings of drastically different sizes, one should abandon all endeavors in trying to convey a penchant for realism. :D

Interaction is possible between all sizes. It doesn’t matter if the giantess wears Earth as a pendant that swings from her neck with every step she takes in space, or if the shrunken man is so small his ride is a microscopic mite that lives on his wife’s inner thigh; if the thought we are having makes us tingle, then whatever arguments against it, however logical and entertaining, stem from the naysayer’s inability to feel the same shiver of delight, and not from the imagined knowledge of physics, biology, chemistry, etc., regarding someone measuring an incredible height.

In other words, it is perfectly natural for me to enjoy the vision of growing thousands of miles until a single footprint is the size of a country, and at the same time being able to carry a conversation with the recipient of my attention and the target of my blatant display of size superiority. I understand many people don’t feel the same way; I comprehend the desire to discuss our various preferences and the reasons why we have them; and I will never get why anyone becomes agitated when a member of the community likes something they don’t.

But let’s forget those people! They aren’t here anyway. I love the thought of growing so tall this planet becomes my own pet rock. There’s no connection between that fantasy and destruction: I don’t inhale all of Earth’s atmosphere in a single breath, I don’t dent the planet’s layers or shift them with my weight when I move or lounge, I do nothing that causes the death of a single person. On the contrary, all I do is bring pleasure to one little man of normal size, and myself.

It’s the closest I get to weaving the “goddess” concept into my giantess fantasies. A being that size who is also omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent can very well be defined as a deity. If a man- if the man was to look out his window and see the sky overtaken by the shape of a face he knows well, blue gone and replaced by the deep pink of her lips as she blows kisses that melt every cloud in his direction, day transformed into a temporary night brightened by the playful glint in her eyes as large as moons… I bet he’d have worshipful thoughts, if he’s able to think at all.

I can imagine being in her place, all the way up here, looking down and seeing everything, but focusing my attention on that little window that frames his sweet little body and shows me he just dropped his pants. I’d have a hard time thinking coherently as well.

Long story short: Fire bad, ultra giantesses good.

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  1. Consider my unhealthily large expectations met. :)

    This reminds me of another ultra giantess one of yours, Wake Up. This is not so much because of the scale of the giantesses but because of the serene softglowing atmosphere. In both collages, the subdued hues and lighting together with the imagined silence of empty space compel the viewer to ignore, as you the collager wish, the physical impossibility and/or destruction. Instead, a quiet conversation transpires between friends, between lovers: wake up, here I am, and I will always be here with you.

    After so many viewings, ‘Wake Up’ still gives me a delightful shudder every time. I think this new collage will do the same.

    P.S. On a more nitpicking spirit: The lighting on this one is superb but I’m not convinced by the shadows on a couple places. 1) Is the patch on her left upper back and shoulder intentional? 2) I feel her hair should cast more of a shadow between her arms.


  2. Hi Shrinkee,

    Thank you for your comment and feedback! Wake Up is one of my (own) favorite collages, and the same as this one, it started with B&W source materials for the giantess/es, and color ones for Earth and space. I remember desaturating the planet tones and later thinking of giving some color to the three resting giantesses, but in the end I forgot about it, and once I realized I had, I liked it much better that way.

    I wanted to do almost the same for Giantarctica, and I gave her just the slightest tinge of color, although more vivid for the hair. I imagine it does something to that atmosphere you mention, and it makes me think not of cataclysm or earthquakes, but of gentle, soft interaction between planet and woman. I like it! The words you give to the image, “Here I am, and I will always be here with you,” fit it very well. It’s what she would say. :)

    As to the shadows you mention, I stared at that patch on her left upper back and shoulder for days, thinking about what I wanted to do with it in the end, and I decided I liked it, even though it doesn’t follow the direction of what one thinks the light would do on her skin. Or dark, rather. I tried moving the giantess, but her hands would end up in cloud swirls that I would then have had to modify, so I chalked it off to moonlight reflection, and moved on. :D

    The hair and its shadows bothered me a little less, and I’m never going to call this image “perfect”, but you know how it is with us collagers… we work and we mix and we tweak, and sometimes there are some things on an image that we know couldn’t possibly exist in real life (and they have nothing to do with size): some impossible shadows, or third-dimensional contradictions, imperfections that in this case I let be, as opposed to the ones that drive me crazy until I fix them.

    Although I don’t know, Shrinkee… one of these days I might wake up and not be able to think or sleep or do anything until I fix these Arctic patches and shadows. I will blame you then. ;)


  3. It’s taken me a while to come up with a worthwhile comment on your collage. The main thing is that I only rarely enjoy planetary-sized giantesses. At that size, things stop becoming real and move into an abstract realm. Goddesses in clouds wielding thunderbolts are fun to look at, but I don’t get that personal thrill, ya know what I mean?

    Which is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the technical details of your collage. I certainly do. I think the shadows on her back are not all too out of place, but TheShrinkee may be right in the other instance, that there needs to be more shadow on her arms. Small quibbles.

    When picking out little quibbles however, we tend to miss the big picture: the color matching is pitch perfect, the contrast and luminance are spot on, the shadows between her skin and the earth are like butter. Also, the way she’s looking down, you can imagine her looking at her intended target like you suggest. I guess this collage is all about the big picture. ;)

    So overall, I would put this one up in the very few planet-sized collages that I like, right up there with Venomm’s Goddess eating the moon and looking hungrily at Earth (my title not his).

    PS those shrill voices. They’ve started again for me.


    1. Thank you, trinket!

      Well, at least you didn’t say something like, “Those shadows are wrong! WRONG!” :lol:

      I love goddesses in clouds. More to the point, I love me in clouds. I hold no animosity for those that feel differently, and I know what you mean. What’s real for each of us is real, and whatever doesn’t fall into our neat tabs and slots, simply won’t.

      However, when I rule the universe everyone will be entitled to my opinion, mwahahah!

      I do appreciate your feedback, and I begin to feel the murmur of those voices. They haven’t gotten loud at all, thank goodness. The changes wouldn’t be very drastic, as both Shrinkee and you so helpfully point out, just that patch on her back and some changes to the arms, so that’s something else for which to be grateful.

      Unless anyone else comments on those shadows, and how wrong (WRONG!) they are… because then the voices will start uprooting neighborhood trees, and kicking off roofs.

      “PS those shrill voices. They’ve started again for me.”

      I saw. I had to laugh out loud.


  4. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I like a range of sizes, and the real world physics and physiology fall to hell real quick even for a 12 foot tall woman. Look at all the problems 7 foot tall Sandy Allen had? So if it’s fantasy, it’s fantasy. I do a lot of pics and vids of gts and have to make “Devil’s Bargains” with physics to try to do something that evokes real, but is certainly not. I applaud your wanting to grow Giga or to shrink me and my city down to be the size of your little toe! here here! Of course, if you just want me small enough to be able to still give you something of a foot massage, that works too! heh


    1. Oh, I bet a flea-sized little man could give a nice foot rub if he wanted to. Well, if I wanted him to.

      A pinkie-sized city? That is an excellent size! I love it.

      Unrelated P.S. Those arm shadows are starting to drive me insane again, but there are many other collages I want to finish before I enter the re-editing realm.


  5. I immediately went into picturing a scenario in which a large population of micro-humans live on part of a mega-giantess, treating her for all the world like a world. Imagining a large commune on her fingertip, leaping transport vehicles that can travel from ridge to ridge in her fingerprint. If the entire community packed up and mobilized, how many novels would it take for them to pick their way across her palm, crawl up her arm, and trek out to any of the four or five most popular erotic destinations? Robert Jordan would have nothing on this. The community would never make it there, but their kids might access the left nipple, and maybe their kids could even breach the pubis.

    There are… definite advantages to a goddess-sized goddess. Huge, overwhelming, occluding. Sure, running around on her toenail to train for a 5K might not be… well, I dunno. That’s enough for some people. Is it necessarily sexy to be so small, you can get mired in her toejam? You could saw at her hangnail like a California redwood? It could be. That could be all someone wants. “The vagina? How crass, how pedestrian. No, my friend, the real thrill comes from slipping your tiny fingers right into her pore, right around the kernel, and tugging slowly until you extract her blackhead, then rinsing out the pit with hydrogen peroxide and knowing you’ve done a good job.

    I kinda like that the fetish can pitch out to wild extremes. That’s what I love about self-publishing. The first time I signed on to Smashwords and confirmed my age, the first title that came up was “Werewolf Fuckers.” In that moment I was prepared to throw myself in front of a tank, in defense of freedom of speech. After that, it’s a matter of one kink being gracious enough not to sneer at another. So what if someone gets off on being gut flora and you don’t? Respect them, close the door, and go pursue your own bliss elsewhere. There’s no need to make someone feel bad about what provides their jollies.

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    1. Goddammit, that fucking arm shadow. Now it’s all I see.

      Ah, never mind. That’s a great scenario, humans as “parasites” of some sort, or a beneficial biological organism, a friendly symbiont. I like the story of it, but don’t find it particularly hot, unless there’s a particular guy among that city’s population that manages to stand out in some way. It wouldn’t matter that he’s too small to be seen. His greatness manifests itself in some way, somehow. I likes.

      Respect. Yes. Those that have been with me since the beginning are fully aware that my “pejorative” vore tag (found here and there, in my blog) is nothing of the kind. My vore buddies knew that, way back when. It was a joke, a nod, and a hug. I don’t like all vore fans, as I don’t know them; but the ones I met and spent time with online, are some of my favorite people.

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      1. Well, that’s why I can’t be a collager. I don’t see what’s up with the notorious arm shadow. The picture looks beautiful and perfect to me. You could explain it, I’m sure, but I kinda hope you don’t so I don’t see the flaw. I just want to enjoy the beautiful giantess reclining on a gorgeous render of Earth.

        If you get mad at me someday, you can explain the shadow and I’ll understand.

        I could not imagine you would be disrespectful of anyone else’s ‘hing. You might crack a long-overdue joke with a trusted friend, in the quietude of absolute privacy, and that’s fine. No one could begrudge that. But you are not the type to ridicule someone to their face over a matter of taste, so you can nudge at vorephiles and they, and bystanders, will interpret it in the intended spirit.

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        1. I could explain it, but I won’t. Or maybe I will, after I fix it. If I ever fix it. It doesn’t really matter, as I have a billion other collages I want to create.

          Correct. I don’t like making public fun of anyone. How can I? I like weird shit. Really odd, strange, off-the-wall stuff. Am I really ever going to get on a high horse because I’m a “gentle giantess”, and only step on people accidentally, if ever at all? I have no right to say anything bad about anyone.

          Especially about those nuts, the vore crowd.

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